We pair the right nanny with the right family.

Like babies and white tops, tequila and good decisions, or children and sleep ins; some things don’t match.
Other things like flat shoes and park trips, bath time and bubbles, or champagne and strawberries; do.

Our sophisticated match-making software pairs the right nanny with the right family.
Some call it genius. We call it common sense. Just like how it’s common sense that leaving kids with a lipstick and your laundry is a bad idea.

We know that spare time is an elusive concept for anyone with children. Spare moments are sucked up by the vortex of parenthood.
That’s why we based My Super Nanny around three simple values we believe all nannies need; reliability, care and intuition.  

Our aim is to make your life easier. To be someone you can trust and rely on for the most important of jobs. 

Why choose us? 

We’re a little different to other sites. All good sites are. 

Matches that matter.

Not all families are the same. And not all nannies are the same. Our match-making algorithm pairs the right nanny with the right family. This means less time trawling through lists of carers and more time to do things you enjoy; like socializing without a child trying to deposit chips into your nostrils.

Safety first.

Can you trust this stranger to look after the heir to your world? The fruits of your loin? The living-room-meets-crayon wall artist? These are the same questions we ask ourselves when approving each carer (almost). We also provide fast, efficient and safe methods for contacting careers within My Super Nanny internally - so all communication can be performed on a protected medium.

Value for money.

You can't try before you buy when it comes to kids, but you can when it comes to us.

This means you can search for your perfect Nanny, for free. Payment is only required when you wish to contact your perfect Nanny, with member options being a free membership, an $89 "self-serve" full access membership for 365 days.  Because you’ll need a Nanny more than once.


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