Parent FAQs

My Super Nanny is an online platform that matches parents and nannies, we’re not a childcare employment agency.

That means once we match you up, we leave the screening, payment and bed time story negotiations to you and the nanny.

As we are not an agency and we do not make bookings, that means we also don’t take a commission or check references and police checks. The only fee we charge is a subscription fee, 6 months $89 or 1 year $149. Because we believe in accessible, safe and practical childcare.

Your membership will give you access to the website for as long as you wish to keep it active. So you have plenty of time to find exactly what you are looking for in a Nanny. Additionally, you can use this time to access all of our other services such as weekend Nannies and occasional Nannies - perfect for when your little ones are overdue for a trip to the zoo and you’re overdue for a weekend of Pimms and lemonade.

Please read our Terms of Use for more information.

My Super Nanny administration approves each application and asks nannies to provide any relevant certificates including police checks and working with children checks. However, as we are simply a match-making platform, the screening process is largely left to the discretion of the parents.

We use Trulioo ID Verification to provide extra assurance around the identity of our nannies - if you see a big green tick next to their name they’ve been checked.

It is still the responsibility of the parent to request certificates, either over email or upon interview in person. We recommend that parents should further interview the nanny over the phone, as well as check their references. This is how you can find out if your nanny will fight the boogeyman under the bed, make pancakes just right, and won’t be busy on their phone when your kids start experimenting with hair spray and the family pet.

To assist you with this process take a look at our Interview and Screening Tips.

If you would like further piece of mind – is a website that conducts specialist background checks throughout Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

My Super Nanny have searched high and low to find a range of candidates. Our nannies range from University students with flexible schedules to professional child care workers with years of experience. You will be able to find nannies with various different skill sets and levels – just search for exactly what you need, as we pride ourselves on our match-making abilities.

We thought about hanging out at parks and play centers to stalk and poach quality nannies but luckily we haven’t had to do that. We find our nannies through a few different channels. Some have found us through our advertisements, others have come to us after having heard the fantastic feedback from current nannies. Word of mouth is a fantastic thing.

Nannies will request their own rate of pay on their profile, which is based upon experience and skill level. The higher the skill level and experience, the more a nanny may request. Unfortunately donuts, flowers, crayon portraits and compliments are not acceptable forms of payment.

Generally speaking, a parent can expect to pay between $15 to $25 per hour. This transaction is solely between the nanny and parent and can be negotiated between both parties accordingly.

Other influences, such as duties required, location and how many little monsters you have, will play a role in agreeing on an hourly rate.

This is ensured by two methods.

Firstly, My Super Nanny uses its Nanny Feedback System – whereby parents can leave feedback after they have hired a nanny. This system is very useful in helping to highlight our fantastic nannies and eradicate any nannies with negative feedback.

Following this, if negative feedback is given regarding any career, we will attend to it immediately and personally. We will only allow credible nannies with positive feedback to remain on our site.

My Super Nanny would hope that our nannies do not engage in this kind of behavior, however we can’t control all our nannies' actions. If such a situation arises, you can leave appropriate feedback on their profile indicating such issues. However, we hope that you will give our nannies the benefit of the doubt initially, as they may have been unable to return contact immediately for personal reasons. Things like uni assignments, overseas travel, and food poisoning (also known as: too much fun the night before) can do that. 

Your perfect nanny could speak fluent French, have an interest in Italian or be a master at baby talk, either way we will help you find just what you’re looking for so you can start the right conversation.  At My Super Nanny we strongly believe that there is an excellent chance of not only finding a nanny, but finding a very suitable nanny at that. Ultimately, we cannot guarantee this will happen but we have done our very best to put the correct methods in place to help match you with the right nanny. 

Don't want to receive SMS notifications? You can update your communication preferences in your account under the profile quick link.

You can't try before you buy when it comes to kids, but you can when it comes to us.

This means you can search for your perfect Nanny, for free. Payment is only required when you wish to contact your perfect Nanny and it's a tiny $4.95 a month. We're changing the way parents use child care, because we're making it accessible for all. Whooop, we hear you say!

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