Step 1 - Let's Get To Know You
To register as a nanny, babysitter, or au pair we need you to answer a few simple questions. Don’t worry there’s no algebra or long division required. However, to be a Super Nanny with us, you must be; 18 years of age or older and super (which we bet you already are).
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Step 4 - Service Areas

You can provide up to 3 suburbs/postcodes, and also the distance you are willing to travel from each for Nanny duties. Please note that area 2 and 3 should only be used if you are servicing completely different areas to your main location such as a second family home or a holiday house. There is no need to mention your surrounding suburbs as we do that job for you!

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Step 5 - Nanny Profile
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Step 6 - Nanny Attributes

Select your attributes and specialties below to help us match you with the right family:

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Step 7 - Professional Profile
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Step 8 - Submit Registration


  • Step 1 - Let's Get To Know You
  • Step 2 - Personal Details
  • Step 3 - Contact Details
  • Step 4 - Service Areas
  • Step 5 - Nanny Profile
  • Step 6 - Nanny Attributes
  • Step 7 - Professional Profile
  • Step 8 - Submit Registration
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