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Super Mum


Meet Super Mum Steph Taylor.

Being a parent is full of hilarious moments, but for Steph (and for most of us I'm sure), a poo-nami has got to be top of the list.

Since having her gorgeous boy Alfie, she's realised that leaving her home with just a purse will no longer suffice - Steph brings 'along the kitchen sink' these days, as you can never be too prepared for a poo-nami or the like.

She's a strong believer in treating others as you would like to be treated, and hopes she can continue to pass down this message to her own little ones ❤️


You’re Mum to?

Alfie Jack, 4 months


 Steph Taylor

Who is your hero?

After the experience of giving birth to Alfie, I felt an enhanced sense of respect and admiration for all mothers – to be able to grow life, deliver and nurture a baby - it is such an incredible achievement and no easy feat. At risk of sounding cliché, my own mother is my hero. She raised me and my sister as a single mum while juggling the role of being a successful small business owner. Only now that I’m a mother, I truly understand the gravity of how incredibly strong she was and how many incredible opportunities she was able to provide us.


You welcomed your baby boy only just a few months ago. What has surprised you most about becoming a mother?

THE LOGISTICS of having a teeny tiny human! Nothing is simple anymore… and you have to plan, plan, plan!  It takes SO long to get out the door…! I do love it though…


What is your favourite fashion label?

So many to mention! I love a local Aussie brand. Realisation Par for a gorgeous summer dress, as well as s t e e l e – both businesses are owned by friends of mine and I like to support their brands (note: both brands have styles that I’ve found to be very breastfeeding-friendly!). Viktoria & Woods and Camilla and Marc take up the rest of my wardrobe. For international, I love a good Zara find as a key trend piece…. and Gucci, for a cheeky splurge.  Natalie Alamein or Lucy Folk for gorgeous accessories and Senso for shoes!!

 Steph Taylor

Best advice you’ve been given over the years?

Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Nothing too profound, but simple and powerful… and a mantra I’ve always carried with me. I hope to raise my own kiddies with this in mind also.


Funniest parenting moment so far?

The dreaded POOnami. No further explanation required.

WOW. Just WOW 


What’s your idea of a perfect day?

It would have to start with Alfie having a good night’s sleep prior! First thing, story and singing time with Alfie. Then a pram lap of The Tan (a local Melbourne walking track around the Botanical Gardens) with my girlfriend or my sister who also has a new bub, followed by coffee and breaky at our local, Gilson South Yarra. I’d come home, eat lunch on my deck, listen to an audio book (anything Liane Moriarty or JK Rowling) and spend some time playing with and feeding Alfie – moments I’m trying to treasure while he’s so tiny.


An afternoon swim at my friend and neighbour’s place, accompanied by a crisp glass of rose, or a super cold corona. Alfie (ideally) would go down at 7.00, and I’d enjoy a night in with my partner Chris, who will have cooked something delicious for me (probably burritos)…followed by a decent Netflix binge which will keep me up far too late.  Quite honestly, this has been a template and typical of MOST days of my maternity leave thus far!!

Steph Taylor 

How do you take your coffee?

In Winter – Skinny Latte. Large and Strong.

In Summer – Iced Soy Latte.  Large and Strong.


What motto do you live by?

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh a lot. Be kind to yourself and others.


You would never leave home without...?

Ummmmm, these days NOTHING!!! Since Alfie I have to bring along the kitchen sink!

Baby goods – nappy bag, prams, dummy, spare clothes (in case of aforementioned POOnami). Personal goods - makeup bag, scrunchie, ATM card, headphones, a jacket (living in Melbourne!), hand cream, my prescription spectacles, my prescription sunnies (all Bailey Nelson).

 Steph Taylor

Credits: Adele Elisabeth Photography


What thrills you?

I love going to the gym and smashing out a good Les Mills Body Attack class or going for a mind-clearing long run… haven’t done either since birth… eek… but I think I’m nearly there!


What is your present state of mind?

I’m calm today.


If you could host a dinner party with any five people in the world, who would you invite?

Malala Yousafzai
Dr Susan Carland
Emma Watson
Zoe Foster Blake
JK Rowling

Steph Taylor 

Credits: Adele Elisabeth Photography


In three words, describe yourself as a mum.

Affectionate (to the point of smothering, ha ha)
Patient (at least I try to be)
IN LOVE (I love being a mum!!)

With love,

My Super Nanny.

Cover photo credits: Adele Elisabeth Photography

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