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These Sonny Days

Meet Carly McDonagh...

She's a Super Mum to her little cub Sonny, as well as an incredible photographer - head to @these.sonny.days to check out some of her beautiful shots.

Her favourite sound in the world is when her little boy laughs, and her indulgences are homewares and chocolate - two of the very best we think! 🙌

You’re Mum to?

Sonny, 1

 These Sonny Days

Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be?

 It is everything and more. I always knew I wanted to be a mum and my life has never felt like it had more meaning than it does now. Everyday I wake up with a purpose and that is to be the best mother I can be, to teach and inspire my little boy and to lead by example. Motherhood is one of those crazy things that can take all of your time and energy and patience but you just wouldn't want it any other way.


What fault do you have the most tolerance for? 

Crying. As hard and demanding as it can be at times, I am a big believer in that if a baby is crying it is for a reason and that we should comfort them. It is their only way to communicate with us, especially when they are so young.

 These Sonny Days

What thrills you?

Witnessing Sonny hit milestones, whether it be when he first starting crawling, walking or saying mum for the first time. All these things make me so happy and proud of the little boy he is growing up to be, and I can’t wait to see more of his personality unfold.


The sound or noise you love?

Hands down Sonny's laugh. It is like music to my ears. Hearing his laugh makes me laugh, it’s so contagious. Also when he say’s ‘mum’.

 These Sonny Days

What product for you personally can you not live without? 

 I have been using Esmi Skin minerals 24k gold nourishing oil which can assist with increasing skin elasticity, improving blood circulation, slowing down depleting collagen levels and has anti-inflammatory properties. I have noticed a visible difference in my skin since using this product and I just dont think I could live without it now!


If you could teleport anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? 

Aspen. I have been to Aspen and fell in love and have been wanting to go back ever since. We spent our honeymoon there and it just has such a magical vibe there. I have never been to Europe and have a huge desire to travel to this part of the world and visit Capri and the Greek Islands.

These Sonny Days 

Your indulgence is… 

Homewares. I am constantly changing things around in our home love buying new items for around the home. 

And chocolate, that’s pretty standard isn’t it.


What are you afraid of?

I’m not really afraid of anything, I always try and keep a very positive mind set on life and focus on the things I can control.

 These Sonny Days

What do you do each day, to make yourself feel good?

Every morning once Sonny is awake and had his bottle, I go for a walk with him in his pram. I think it sets us both up well for the day to get some fresh air and for me to clear my mind and set goals and intentions for the day ahead.


Where is your go-to breakfast cafe?

Paddock Bakery. It’s my absolute favourite place to go. If you haven’t been before I highly recommend it!

 These Sonny Days

Describe yourself as a mum in three words? 

When it comes to questions like this I always like to ask my husband how he would describe me. I just asked him and he replied ‘loving beyond measure’ which I think is very accurate :)

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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