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The Everyday Mums

Meet Jess Grima and Lisa Dreyer...

Best friends, and founders of the ultimate motherhood hub The Everyday Mums.

They are without a doubt two of the realest mothers you'll ever meet, and know all too well that surviving motherhood comes down to a supportive community, laughter and a good bottle of wine.

A scroll through their oh-so relatable joint Instagram is testament to just that - sidesplitting giggles are guaranteed.


You’re Mums to?

JESS: Olivia (3) and William (15 days old)

LISA: Bailey (13) Lachlan (10) and Oliver (3)

What is one of the funniest things your kids have said to you?

J: When I asked her to clean up her toys and she turned to Matt and I and said “I can’t do it Mum. I am only a small child”.

L: When Lachlan was 6, I was singing in the car on the way home from school. He said to me “At least your singing isn’t as bad as your face looks.”

The Everyday Mums

You founded The Everyday Mums blog, the ultimate hub for mothers across Australia & beyond, together. How did that get started?

Two years ago we were bored at the shops and started taking photos of things we liked in stores and started sharing them on our Bargain Mum Australia Instagram account. After about a year, we noticed a huge shift in the conversations we were having with our followers. Either on the images or via Direct Messages. They were no longer about copper vases or specials at Aldi. They were about motherhood. Our followers children, our children. Our crappy days or a small win. The discussions made Bargain Mum Australia evolve to The Everyday Mums. So now we talk about whatever is happening in our world, in our everyday lives and the response has been fantastic. So many women have let us know how grateful they are to know they aren’t alone. We are honest and open and love it when people can relate to us.

Where’s your favourite getaway destination?

J: Pre-kids, we did our share of travelling. I would go back to or move to Berlin any day of the week. Since having kids, we went to Nelsons Bay for the first time ever this year and I loved it. Anywhere with water and sunshine sounds pretty good to me.

L: I don’t actually have one! Planning a big family holiday is on our to do list so I’m on the look out for getaway places. My mum does live in Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast which is very lovely so technically I do getaway down there away from busy Sydney.

The Everyday Mums

Would you rather Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney?

J: George for sure.

L: Hmmm. Can I say neither? I do Love Leo’s stance on Environmental issues and his passion for saving the planet though.

Top tip for parents who have a child who’d rather stick a fork in their eye than try something new?

J: Patience patience patience. I have an extremely strong willed child who has zero interest in anything I suggest. So I take the time to explain, discuss, show her, and then she tells me to get stuffed. But I push on and most of the time we can reach a happy compromise without one or both of us ending up in tears or yelling.  

L: It totally depends on the situation and the task. I like to try and figure out why they don’t want to do something. Rule out the over tired, sugar hyped scenarios because forget about it, their brains stopped working efficiently ages ago. But if it’s a fear to try something new, we talk about why they don’t want to do it and see if we can overcome that. So my tip is to look beyond the initial reaction and understand why, instead of react to their defiance.

The Everyday Mums

What’s your guilty pleasure?

J: TV. Honestly, I can watch episode after episode of my favourite TV shows for days - weeks if you would let me.  

L: I don’t think I have one!

Would you rather not be able to drink coffee for three months, or eat chocolate for a year?

J: Coffee can go right out the window. Chocolate is life!

L: Well I don’t drink coffee so the answer is easy for me. If you said Wine or Chocolate, that would be whole different struggle!

The Everyday Mums

You can invite five people to a party (anyone you like). Who would they be?

J: Michael McIntyre, Heston Blumenthal, Hugh Jackman, Sarah Jessica Parker + Meryl Streep.

L: Does the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S count as one entity? Because I can’t choose 1 to leave off the list. I’d invite Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty. ‘Yourself or Someone Like you’ is my favourite album of all time. I’d invite Richard Branson. He fascinates me. He also reminds me of my dad when he smiles so I have instantly been drawn to his energy. Celia Pacquola and Ursula Carlson would get an invite. They are hilarious and I think we could be best friends. And my 5th friend would be my oldest friend Jennifer because she would kill me dead for not letting her meet these guests.

Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be?

J: I never had a clear vision of what I thought motherhood would be. I asked the universe for my children, but forgot to specify my own experience. When Olivia was first born I took a while to adjust. I had such fear over my own mortality when I was pregnant with her. So when she was first born, I was thrust into a surreal state for the first 6 weeks or so. Once I allowed myself to dial back the anxiety, I found that motherhood was extremely natural for me. I am not good at routines and bedtimes - more of a student of chaos theory. But I have two gorgeous happy children who I adore and who challenge me and teach me every day.

L: Yes. I feel calm and confident as a mother. I was meant to have 3 boys. I feel like I can handle what I’ve been given. I love being a mother. I love being a mother of boys. Did I know it was going to be so hard at times? Yes. Did I know how I was going to cope with that? No. Did I expect unpredictability? Of course. Am I rolling with the punches? Yes. Was I prepared for the love and sheer protectiveness I would have for my children? No way.

But yes, motherhood is everything I thought and more.

The Everyday Mums

What is your motto in life?

J: Keep it real. We have the most amazing ability to make others feel good by telling the truth. Whether it is paying someone a compliment, or answering a question honestly, I endeavour to either make people laugh or offer them relief wherever I can.

L: Be happy. Do whatever makes you feel joy. However big or small. Sometimes it’s hard to remember as life is so fast and shit happens but ultimately that’s my goal.

If you could bottle up one thing about your little ones, what would it be?

J: Their adoration. Right now, both our children think we are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I want to hold onto that for as long as possible.

L: That smell after their bath. When they are warm and clean and relaxed. That after bath, quiet bedtime story aroma is the absolute best. It’s calming and safe. Bottle that up.

The Everyday Mums

Describe yourself as a mum in three words...

J: Olivia says that I am “a bit cranky, a bit happy and still crying.” Which is not too far off. I would say that I am emotional, natural and joyful.

L: It’s a hard question to answer because I feel like I’m a different mum with each child. I asked the two older ones what their answers would be and they said Amazing, generous, funny and Amazing, Caring and loving. I guess I would like to think of myself as fun, protective and loving.

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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