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i heart kmart

Meet Helen James, she's a lover for all things Kmart and started her blog @i_heart_kmart just three years ago when the brand became more on trend but with affordable prices. An easy one stop shop (especially with three kids in tow) to pick up the latest household pieces and clothing.  She loves to indulge herself with a day at the hairdressers. Relaxing, child free with a cuppa and a trashy mag in hand. Sounds like heaven. We all deserve a little pamper at times.


You’re Mum to?

Lenny 6, Stella 3 and Hazel 8 months


Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be? What has it taught you most?

I would say yes. I envisioned messy, loud, unpredictable, exhausting fun and that's pretty much what is happening in our household on a daily basis! Admittedly, some days are much more fun than others! But for the most part we are all having a good time. The one thing it has taught me most is patience, and also now with three, I can see that no two children are the same, each have their own needs and wants which need to be met individually.


What has been the most precious moment thus far?

It's hard to narrow it down to just one moment... I guess nothing can replace those precious three years I had alone with Lenny before his sisters were born. Everything is so new and exciting as you learn the ropes of parenthood, it's such an incredibly special time. Having the older two come and visit me in hospital after Hazel was born was also very precious, watching them cuddle their new baby sister. Now things like watching Lenny's first goal at soccer and Stella's first dance concert etc... are the precious moments I treasure.

i heart kmart


You have two blogs @i_heart_kmart and @mamalovestoshare. Can you tell us about both of these?

I started @i_heart_kmart just over three years ago, around the time that I began to notice a change in the Kmart brand. They were starting to become a lot more on trend but the prices were still ridiculously low! So I created a ‘fan’ Instagram account, @i_heart_kmart. It took off straight away. Before I knew it I had 1,000 followers which soon grew to 5,000 then 20,000 and now today,111,000 followers on Instagram with another 10,000 on Facebook which still blows my mind! @mamlovestoshare is my personal blog that I started with my best friend Lisa around 18 months ago. We were pregnant at the same time with our first babies and would constantly text each other back and fourth with parenting questions, advice and funny stories. One day we just thought that if we found what each other was saying helpful/interesting/funny then perhaps other people would to! That's when we decided to start the blog. It's really an extension of the two of us. The places we love to go, the things we love to eat, activity ideas for kids, interviews with local inspiring mums who are small business owners... we keep it 100% real as to what life is really like with 5 kids between us (nearly 6 with Lisa currently expecting her 3rd any day now!) I think people like that we don't brush over the crap days. We put it all out there so it's very relatable.


  What are some of your favourite homeware brands?

Well, of course Kmart. So on trend and super affordable. I love that anyone can now update their home and give it a great fresh look without breaking the budget. I also love supporting local small businesses in Frankston/on the Mornington Peninsula where I live. We are lucky to have so many great markets down here. I love browsing the markets, coffee in hand and picking up a great candle, cushion or new print for the wall. 

i heart kmart


What is your go to snack for your children?

Well it's more of a snack plate! They love grazing which is great, especially in summer when we can sit outside and have a relaxed dinner. They love crackers, baby cucumbers, carrot sticks, hummus, kabana, blueberries, sliced apple. Another quick snack we love before dancing or soccer training is peanut butter and banana sandwiches (try it! so yummy!) which keeps them full and gives them heaps of energy.


On the weekends we would find you….

I'm officially 'mums taxi' at the moment! Soccer, kid's birthday parties, play dates... in the summer we are down the cricket club most weekends watching my husband play. If I'm at home I'm usually in the kitchen cooking/baking or wiping someone's bottom (not in the kitchen!) You'll also find me making a mad dash to Coles on a Sunday to buy school lunches! I wish my weekends were more exciting but at the moment it's kids kids kids!


 Your indulgence is?

I love going to the hairdressers. I can sit and relax child free, have a cuppa and read a trashy magazine whilst chatting gossip! There's just something about having someone else blow wave your hair! You can have nothing nice to wear or not be feeling the best about yourself but a blow wave instantly lifts the mood! That and chocolate...any and all types of chocolate.

i heart kmart


You can teleport anywhere, for 24 hours, where do you go?

Oh that's easy. I would go straight to England to see my Nana and family. I was born there and moved to Australia when I was four. Only my mum, dad and brother live in Australia. All of my family is still in England and I miss them so much. Especially my Nana. I would go straight to her house and have a cup of tea with her and devour all of her cakes and slices. Her flap jacks are the best. 


Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

Oh George for sure... (plus he comes with nespresso which is a massive bonus for a sleep deprived mama!)


It is 5pm somewhere. What is your drink of choice?

Either a glass of bubbles or Pinot Grigio. 


Describe yourself as a mum in three words?

Loving, organised chaos!



With love,

My Super Nanny.

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