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Natalie Decorte

Meet this weeks Super Mum, Natalie Decorte. From a past ballerina to a mother of three she sure does know how to keep on her toes. When she isn't busy running around after her children you will find her on the side lines of the Polo field cheering on her husband. It is by no surprise when 5pm hits that she is ready for her good old fav, an Aperol Spritz with a fat green olive.   

You’re Mum to?

Indigo 7, Blaise 5 and Cassian 4 months.


 If you could bottle up one thing about your little ones, what would it be?

The way that my older two play and interact with Cassian right now. They can’t wait to see him first thing in the morning and when they come back from school, Cassian gets smothered with kisses and cuddles and totally loves it, i wish i could bottle up his giggles in those moments because I’m sure there will be a time when he becomes the annoying little brother!


Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be?

Yes, in that I knew it would be hard, but didn’t realise just HOW challenging. I felt pretty good with how motherhood had been going until school started actually. Having to get them up and ready every morning has been a challenge. Packing healthy lunches all in as little plastic packaging as possible, remembering when each of them has news, or sports or library, as well as dealing with lost jumpers and hats, playdates, birthday parties, class drinks, helping out in the classroom and canteen. Working a little on the Polo and keeping the house in order and then throw a baby in the mix there are days when it all feels a little unachievable! But children are amazing and watching them grow into little people really is the best thing in the world.

You are the wife of a Polo player and subsequently very involved with the Sport and its events; Editor-in-Chief of The Polo Project and the Brand Manager of Polo Events Australia. Can you tell us a little about these projects?

My Husband has been running ‘Polo in the City’ events for thirteen years now, when I met him the events were fairly new but as they have grown over the years there has been opportunities for me to become involved in certain areas that i am interested in. He would often ask me for opinions on fashion/ lifestyle and beauty brands that would approach for sponsorship and ideas on how to incorporate them. ‘The polo Project’ has developed as an additional platform for these types of sponsors. Businesses these days need to have an online element to what they do so the E-zine is what we came up with . I wanted to share the stories of all the wonderful people we meet through the sport, people that are passionate about horses and polo, as well as Polo style, fashion and beauty.  We send it out to our database in the lead up to the events so hopefully people have a read and turn up knowing a little more about the sport as well as looking fabulous!



You have also been in the modeling industry for a number of years. Being pregnant didn’t stop you from working – shooting for Bonds Maternity. Do you think your children will follow you both in your Modeling and Polo industries?

I accidentally started modelling through some photo shoots I did when I was a professional Ballet Dancer in London.  It ended up being a great side job for me especially when I returned to Australia and joined the Australian ballet. Now that i have retired from dancing I still model and it's great that I have been able to work through out all my pregnancies. Indigo and Blaise have come to shoots with me sometimes and Blaise in not a fan of being Photographed at all! Indigo loves the camera though and if she happens to have the right attributes for a modelling career when she gets older I wouldn’t stop her, although ballerina and Vet are high on the list of professions for her at the moment. Polo is too dangerous right now but we plop them on a horse every now and then and will see when they get little older.  



The best piece of advice you have ever received?

To savour every moment as they grow up fast! Its taken me having the third to really acknowledge this. Cassian is my fun baby, not that the other two weren’t! It’s just that I know what I’m doing now!  Indigo and Blaise are at school so I have the days with Cassian and I am savouring every vomit and poop covered newborn moment.


 It is 5pm (somewhere)… what’s your drink of choice?

Aperol Spritz with a fat green olive. My Fathers side of the family is Northern Italian so we have been drinking these for years. Way before they became cool in Australia :)


If you could teleport anywhere for 24hours, where would you go?

Barcelona! Favourite city destination, just so far away. :(


Natalie Decorte


Your best beauty tip?

Sleep and keeping hydrated are really the two things I think truly make a difference to my skin. Simple but really hard to achieve as a mum, especially the sleep part. I have always been very slack with a skincare routine, and my face was lucky if it got a splashed with water twice a day but I have recently discovered a delicious face wash that makes me actually want to wash my face and I’m sure that helps right! EMINENCE coconut skin cleanser is my favourite right now.


Sugar to you is?

Something I keep to a minimum, especially with the kids but I'd take a cheese board over sweets any day.


What’s is your favourite way to switch off?

I love a power flow yoga class, I’m able to stop thinking when my body is moving, probably because of my dance background. Failing that glass of red and Netflix.

natalie decorte


Describe yourself as a Mum in three words…

Relaxed, creative, and hopefully fun?!



With love,

My Super Nanny.


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