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Meet Kate Fletcher, not only is she Super Mum to little Lenny but she is also one of Australia's top Hair and Make up artists. She has all the tips and tricks up her sleeve, especially for all those sleep deprived mums.   

You’re Mum to?

Lenny Fletcher Hodskiss, he is 11 months old. 


Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be? What has it taught you most?

Motherhood is a huge whirlwind, that was probably the biggest realisation to me. 


Before becoming a mum I always wanted and could not wait to have that feeling that all first time parents get, that over whelming feeling love for their child and its truly incredible, no words can really explain, how you feel about them - the joy they bring to you, every single day simply fills your heart.

My biggest learning curve would be, I didn't realise the degree of sleep deprivation and the challenges along the way so 

Motherhood has taught me you need patience and no one day is the same. 

You are one of Australia’s top Hair and Makeup artist. How do you juggle work/mum life? 

It has been a juggle, I said from the start that I was going to take time off to enjoy being mum, I never gave myself a date as to when I'd start back at work it was more just see how it all worked out and see my capabilities. But working for yourself you dont really get to shut off 100% - In the early days as Lenny used to catnap so he would sleep 40 minutes per sleep in the day and in that time I needed to either do washing, house work, cook, SLEEP haha and also jump onto emails and by that stage I got around to opening my laptop Lenny woke. Of course not everyone knew I was on maternity leave therefore I wasn't able to just ignore emails so I really had to try and balance looking after Lenny and myself when all I probably really wanted to do was sleep but had to responded to potential clients. I love my job and yes miss it at times but at the same time I am taking time out to be with Lenny and I wouldn't change that, so Im still considering myself on maternity leave until he is in care then I can really start looking at working back on photoshoots again ( which I cant wait for yet I can wait haha ) 

H&M I guess is a skill which you need to constantly be applying so the thought of not having picked up a makeup brush in over a year and a half scared me - so at the moment I’m just doing a job if it fits in for me so for now I have clients come to me while Lenny his a sleep or my partner or mum are able to help look after Lenny. This is a great balance for me for now. 


Hair and make up

H&M: Kate Fletcher Model: Elyse Knowles


What is your best make up tip?

Always curl your eye lashes before applying your mascara. This little trick will make a huge difference in opening up your 

eyes ( especially for all those tired mums give it a go) helps make me look half awake haha. 

What product for you personally can you not live without?

My tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier - I dont really wear makeup during the day but if Im going to do a 30 second face I love this product as it has a luminous finish so makes my skin look alive. 


 If you could teleport anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Just take me somewhere warm where there is sun everyday and I can lie on the beach and sip on a cocktail!! 


What are you afraid of?

I'm afraid of failing at parenting. Who doesn't want to be and give the best to their children, what if I fail at that!! You always ask yourself if you're doing it right! 

I'm also fearful being out of my work industry for too long. 

What is your motto in life?

To take each day as it come - be present!! 

Where is your go to Melbourne café for your morning caffeine fix?

I have tried all coffee shops in my radar trust me haha - coffee needs to be real close to home so lucky for me I do have one 

that is walking distance and is great coffee. 

super mum


Describe yourself as a mum in three words?



With love,

My Super Nanny.


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