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Brogan Kate

Meet Brogan Kate. She is Super Mum to a little cheeky two year old, Otis James and another boy is on its way. When she isn't too busy looking after her little man, Brogan is designing the most exquisite Bralettes for her brand BK BASICS. Hello, no more underwire bras! 

You’re Mum to?

Otis James who is 2 and we have another little boy arriving in November.


 If you could bottle up one thing about Otis, what would it be?

One?? That’s tough. His laugh and cheeky grin. His innocence and his delish smell……… ohh and his cuddles, he loves cuddles and I never want that to change.

 You have been in the fashion industry for over twelve years. Can you tell us how ‘Brogan Kate’ evolved? 

BROGAN KATE was started over 4 years ago now. I needed a creative outlet as my job at the time was becoming stale and I was feeling a little squashed and needed a way to throw my creativity around again. It was just for me so as I had something fun to do but overtime it has grown into much more than I ever could have imagined. I started working closely with some amazing brands and opportunities started coming through to feature brands and style product. Basically, a girl’s dream come true! About 6 months in, I added the shop, stocking various lingerie and swim brands. but on the side designing and developing my own line which took over two year as I am super fussy!!

It’s fair to say that it’s been a long journey but the hard work has paid off.

 You are the founder of a couple of businesses; BK BASICS and BK PR. What are they all about?

Bk basics is my baby,  my intimates range. This was years in the making but now appears in stores Aus wide.

Bk Pr started when I was on maternity leave with Otis hahha I can’t just have a baby and sit still hhahah, i run over half a dozen instagram accounts for boutiques and or brands and also get the brands out and featured on everyones fave bloggers and influencers!! Its busy times but I love the creative side to this job and keeping my clients happy!!


You are the ultimate lover of all things ‘Bralettes’ and recently launched your own on BK BASICS. Is this your one key item that you could never live without?

Yes you could say that……. I hate underwire bralettes and I’m all about comfort, but with support.  Bk basics are def something i wear everyday!!

brogan kate


It is 5pm (somewhere), what is your drink of choice?

HMMMMM well usually a nice sav to wind down from a hectic day BUT as I’m pregnant it’s as exciting as a glass of water atm hahahha!!


Your indulgence is…

A nice pamper session at my local beauty salon, micro derm or a facial,  a lash tint and some henna brows!!! Mummy time!!

What is your perfume?

Lolita limpika - its vanilla based and sweet i have worn it for like 12 years, most perfumes give me a rotten headache.

 brogan kate


You have four free hours. What do you do?  

Go for a walk, coffee, almond croissant and then 1-2 hours at the beauty salon. Sounds divine!!


 Describe yourself as a mum in three words?



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My Super Nanny.

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