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Meet this weeks Super Mum - Zoe Weir. She's mother to some incredibly cute two year old twins. Which has taughter her that juggling is key and you must be organised. If you are a lover of all things Liberty just like Zoe then look no further than her label, Zoe Elizabeth. You'll find the cutest Liberty garments for both mother and daughter. 

You’re Mum to?

Beatrice Elizabeth Smibert and Eloise Charlotte Smibert aged 2.


Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be? What has it taught you most?

Motherhood is definitely not what I envisioned it to be, I have learnt to go with the flow and that you can never be in control of everything! In saying that with twins you have to be very organized otherwise total chaos ensures… juggling is the key and accepting help when offered.


How do you juggle your daily life with double the trouble, twins!?

My husband Charlie is fantastic; we tag team a lot and have a pretty good daily routine. The girls get up about 6.30 have breakfast and I put them in the bath so I can get ready for work and generally get my shit together. They have just started childcare 3 days a week which has been life changing, they absolutely love it as do I. When I work Saturdays in the shop they spend the day with Charlie, a little father daughter bonding session.


What is one of the funniest things your girls have said?

At the moment their favorite phrase is “go away” not attractive…. I said it to a fly and it has stuck. Not nice when said to grandparents, family friends, the dog etc


You are a fashion designer and lover for Liberty fabric. How long have you been in the fashion industry for?

My first job was straight out of school at 18 working for country road, and I have not stopped working in the industry since then. My roles have changed but I still adore all aspects of fashion in Melbourne from, retail, wholesale, styling, modeling and designing. Having started my own liberty label Zoe Elizabeth in 2006 and still being able to do it in some capacity is a great personal achievement for me. Over the past few years we stopped wholesaling it to stores and scaled it back to sell it direct, this allowed for the price of the garments to be reduced and local production in Melbourne to still be used. Supporting local manufacturing and small business is very important to me. 



You own a gorgeous little shop called ‘Teeny Tiny Hut’ with your mother. How did this adventure begin and what type of things can we find in your shop?

We started the shop in 2016 as a children’s pop up within the iconic Hut13 on Swan St, Richmond. When our lease ended we decided to relocate to Burnley St Richmond for a change and a new beginning! Mum has come on board and is a wonderful addition to the team. We have plans to grow the business to include children’s classes in music, art and messy play to carry or from our successful adult workshops. We have expanded our product mix to include homewares, fashion, children’s and gifts. 


What are a few of your favourite fashion labels for both you and your girls?

My favorites include lots of Liberty from my label Zoe Elizabeth which does adults and children’s but when we need a change I love Peggy, Pretty Wild, Halcyon Nights for the gals. For me, Label by Legoe for great basics pre and post pregnancy, I can’t go past Yeojin bae for dresses and Anya Hindmarch for exquisite bags. I have the best glitter purse!

Teeny tiny hut


 Your indulgence is…

Ritas Pizza in abbotsford and French champagne. I like simple pleasures… A trip to Bali with a fulltime nanny would also be lovely as would wining tattslotto. 


What are you afraid of?

Huntsman spiders. I can’t ever go camping or to the bush… I dream about them and they terrify me. 


 If you could teleport anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Anywhere with full time childcare. To be honest at the moment I would love to be anywhere where I could lie on a sun lounge and read a book with a gin and tonic in hand ALONE. Melbourne winters are SO brutal. 


 What is your motto in life? 

Onwards and upwards! Always raises morale. 


 Where is your go to Melbourne café for your morning caffeine fix? 

Mavis the Grocer in Abbotsford. They make delicious muffins that the girls love and play the Rolling Stones at 8am which I find uplifting when I am feeling sleep deprived.


What is your best beauty tip?

Foundation can look great when re done over your work make up for a night out. Some of my best make up has been done in the car en route to a function. Also always take your make up off before bed, no panda eyes here. 


Describe yourself as a mum in three words?

Practically perfect in ever-way. Nahhhh resilient, loving, militant. 

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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