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Kristen Eramiha

Meet this week's Super Mum, Kristen.

She best describes herself as “driven” and one might need to be when running around after four beautiful children. We speak all about her blog House of Eramiha and her love for home design, fashion and of course… coffee! Something we all need when those long hectic days are dragging on!


You’re Mum to?

Well the four most incredible humans on the planet of course! Jackson - almost 9, Payton – 7, Lachlan - 4 and Quinn - 2

Kristen Eramiha

What is your secret to keeping things “cool” with four children?

Oh wow what a loaded question, well there is a lot of hiding and crying....No but seriously I have learnt that it is ok to "fail" I'm not always going to get things right and everything doesn't have to always be in order. I needed to let go and focus on what is important. Our routine goes like this - Do all the sucky stuff (chores) early in the morning so the rest of the day is ours to enjoy. My husband is FIFO so me and the kiddies have to work together, we use four words to get the job done - Work as a team! Even little Quinn has her jobs to do, we try to make the sucky stuff as fun as we can or as Mary Poppins would say - with every job that must be done there is an element of fun. I have severe OCD (so the doctor and my hubby have told me) so to keep it "cool" I have learnt that doing a little everyday and then getting out of the house to embrace the world works perfectly.


The most precious moment of motherhood thus far?

Oh that is easy. The moment all four children met for the first time. That was my "moment". Quinn was just an hour old when my Kidlets bounced in the room to meet their tiny (and I mean tiny) baby sister. Watching them bond, watching my family, well, no words can describe that moment really.


What is your favourite way to ‘switch off’?

Coffee and Grey's Anatomy!!!!!

Kristen Eramiha 

Tell us about the beginning of your blog ‘ House of Eramiha’?

House of Eramiha all started just after Lachlan nearly passed away. I wasn't in a good state at all and I just felt like there was not a soul that understood. So I decided that I would be that person, I had an overwhelming passion for women and a desire to bring women together. To help them understand that there is so so so much more to life then just the day to day of motherhood. There was a bigger picture and we have to dream, reach or climb do what ever it takes to live our dreams. I believe that being a good mother is simple...Be happy! See yourself the way those little lives see you and make sure you look after you! I wanted to create a place where women could go for support and feel like someone understood. Through my life I have seen sexual abuse, suicide, abandonment, teen pregnancy... Everything I have gone through has taught me one thing; you are not your past, you are not your hurts, you are not your mistakes. House of Eramiha is all about empowerment.


What are you favourite home design stores?

Are y'all ready for this?


Cranmore home - For me

Jack and willow - For the Kidlets

St. Clare candles - To make it smell just oh so delicious

Noah and bowie - For the Babies

 Kristen Eramiha

Best beauty tip?

Find what works for you and stick to it! I have use Dermalogica since I was 16 and would never change. It works for me and I TRUST it! TRUST is huge with beauty!


What’s your present state of mind?

Ummm there is a lot going on and our family is going through heartbreak. I feel thankful and sad all at the same time. We are incredibly blessed with children who take some of the weight off by simply smiling. I wish I could say that life was peachy but that’s not reality. Life can be hard.

 Kristen Eramiha

We get that parenting doesn’t always go to plan; some recover with a cuppa, some with a vino. What’s your motto when things haven’t quite panned out?

Is coffee and vino at the same time bad? No really! Pour me a few cups of each.


When things done go as planned? I have a wine and then a stern talking to myself! My Dad is a rugby coach and one thing that I grew up with him saying to his players was "Is it a big hurt or a little hurt" with a side of "we don't cry on the rugby field"

Then I get up and keep going, and remember we have conquered worse.


Something you don’t tell yourself enough?


 Kristen Eramiha

You can teleport anywhere, for 24 hours, where do you go?

Oh that’s easy - Aotearoa, The Land of the long white cloud, New Zealand.


What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Oh let’s dream. My perfect day would be.... waking up to my hot hubby then snuggling with my babies. We would head for one of our adventures where we have no idea where we are going and  then we just start driving. My outfit would of course be working effortlessly, my waves would be holding perfectly and my skin would be behaving. We would have a beautiful day as a family followed by a date night with my hubby - dinner, movie followed by a glass of wine and maybe a dance. That’s it. Right there.

 Kristen Eramiha

One word you would use to describe yourself?



With love,

My Super Nanny.

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