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Fidget Spinners

One week it was all about the slime, the next, fidget spinners are all the rage.


At school pick up last week, I thought I'd show off my "cool nanny" skills by initiating a conversation with the kids in the playground about the latest craze, slime.

I was met with a slight eye roll, a sigh, and a pitiful look...

"Slime is so last week"...I've clearly lost my touch.


As we all know by now, fidget spinners are the latest fad in the school playground. Despite the popularity of iPads, iPhones and the like, these gadgets have taken over schools across Australia like a plague.

It's even gotten to the stage where some Melbourne classrooms have banned the gadget, as they are a distraction to learning. 

 Fidget Spinners

The fidget spinner were initially developed back in the 90s, as a stress reliever.

It is also promoted as beneficial to individuals with autism and ADHD, as well as other similar conditions.


But why exactly are they so popular?

As we all know too well, kids are energetic little beings, and sitting still is never easy for them. Fidget spinners are the perfect solution to using up all their nervous energy. 


And more importantly...where can you get your hot little hands on the most popular toys in town?

Fidget spinners can sell for anywhere between $5 and $90; depending on how fancy. 


Buy yours here...



Oz Spinners


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My Super Nanny.

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