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Kimmy Smith


Meet Kimmy…

She is Super and Fit Mum to two little girls. She is the founder of ‘The Fit Mummy Project’  which gives a new approach to post natal fitness.

Have you ever wanted the perfect post natal fitness and wellbeing program? Then Kimmy is your go to girl. She also shares with us her go to snack recipe and her very humble Super Power if she could have one. Thanks Kimmy :)

You’re Mum to?

Two little girls, Allegra who is 4 and Samara who just turned 2.


If you could bottle up one thing about your kiddies, what would it be?

So many things! Holding my hand to cross the street. How excited they are to see me in the morning. The spontaneous “I love you Mummy”. I would also definitely bottle up a few of them for when they are going through that petulant teenager stage

Tell us the story behind ‘The Fit Mummy Project’ and how it all started?

I started the Fit Mummy Project after the birth of my second daughter Samara. I wanted to create a new approach to post natal fitness. One that didn’t focus on trying to ‘bounce back’ but instead focused on building a beautiful, fit and strong new body. I also wanted to create a complete post natal fitness and wellbeing program for busy Mums. One that had short + effective workouts, healthy recipes and mindset tips for time poor Mums.

Kimmy Smith 

What is your number one tip to keep Mums fit, strong and healthy?

You have to make your own health and wellbeing a priority. You have to believe that you are worth taking care of. I believe that all Mums want to feel good. We want to feel fit and strong and healthy. But we prioritise everyone else. There has to be a shift to our well-being coming first. When we feel good, our family thrives. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. It is actually one of the best things you can do for your family.


We get that parenting doesn’t always go to plan; some recover with a cuppa, some with a vino. What’s your motto when things haven’t quite panned out?

Lately I feel like lots of things haven’t been ‘panning out’ the way I expected. It can be quite stressful when nothing goes to plan. But the other day I realised that that the only thing that wasn’t going to plan was “my plan.”When things aren’t turning out the way I expect or want them to, I stop and take a deep breath and see the bigger picture. My girls are happy and healthy. Everything else can be figured out.


Who are your heros?

I don’t know if I have any heros. I like being around people who are authentic, positive and kind. And I really admire the breed of new business women who are creating these amazing heart felt business.  Some of my favourite business women include Marie Forleo, Danielle La Porte, Gabrielle Bernstein, Rebecca Campbell, Melissa Ambrosini and Marcia Leone.

 Kimmy Smith

What are your favourite activities to do with your kiddies?

I love being out in nature with them. At the beach, the local park. I loved it when they would both sit in a pram for me so we could go for long walks! Sadly those days are gone! I also love doing really simple things with them, drawing, watching a movie in bed with my eldest, dancing to the Wiggles, singing in the car. Those little moments are so special to me.


Your go to snack is…

Super Greens Protein Balls! They are slightly sweet and very filling. I make my own (recipe is here ….   http://www.kimmysmithfit.com/super-greens-protein-balls/


You can fly anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Paris! For sure. I just love the romance of that city.

 Kimmy Smith

What is your present state of mind?

Optimistic and Open .


Let’s pretend you could have a super power, what would you have?

Good question! Flying would be pretty cool. However, imagine if you had a power that allowed someone to see only the good things about themselves. To get rid of all the doubt, and the guilt and the ‘not-enoughness’. That would be a pretty cool power wouldn’t it?


Your perfume is?



Describe yourself as a mum in three words?

Loving. Warm. Strong.


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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