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sally taylor

Meet Sally…

She's an uber fit Super Mum who took pregnancy in her stride. The first few months of motherhood have had its struggles, but mocha coffes have been her saviour for those particulary trying mornings...As an avid boxer and gym-goer, it's no surprise her postpartum bod is seriously impressive #fitspo.


You’re Mum to?

A beautiful 5 month old baby boy named Kai.

 Sally Taylor

How have you found the first few months of motherhood?

I found the first 3 months the hardest by far! The sleep deprivation was the hardest thing to deal with as our little bub would wake every 1.5-3 hours. I am fully breast feeding so having to get up every 1.5-3 hours was exhausting.

As soon as Kai turned 4 months, things definitely got a lot easier as his sleeping got better! Or then again, maybe we just got use to running on empty :P


What did you love about being pregnant?

I loved every minute of my pregnancy! I was lucky enough not to suffer morning sickness and stayed active up to the day before I had our baby. I loved waking up every morning knowing that I had the responsibility of growing a little human. I did everything I could possibly think of to give him the best start in life. I also loved that so many other mums of all ages would stop to talk to you and give you advice and tell stories. I’ll never forget when I woke up around 38 weeks to find that over night my bump had gotten a lot bigger and it had dropped significantly lower, I was exhausted and had developed a full on waddle!

 Sally Taylor

Your post-partum body has jumped back into shape. What’s your best piece of advice?

Stay as active as you can during your pregnancy, but listen to your body. Stretch and reward yourself with massages. I trained 5 days a week during my pregnancy at the start and when I was too big to train weights, I still did cardio on the gym bike and went for short walks along the beach. I also did pregnancy Pilates from 24 weeks onwards, which helped my pelvic floor and core muscles. I was also very careful of what I ate as I wanted to give my bub the best start possible in life.


The first few months can be exhausting with a newborn. How do you take your coffee?

Exhausting is an understatement. I really struggled in the first 3 months. Our beautiful boy for the first couple of months had bad colic and wind and he was a lazy feeder to begin with and would only snack when breastfed as he’d fall asleep, so he was waking up every couple of hours. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, so I was relying on mochas to get me through a few of the tougher days!

 Sally Taylor

Before you had Kai you worked in Town Planning. Are you planning on heading back to work soon?

I am a full time Senior Planner at Gold Coast City Council. I took a year of maternity leave and will be returning later this year after Kai turns one. My partner and I also own and run Vitawerx, which is a natural health supplement company, so I also work for Vitawerx when our little man is sleeping.


Your hobbies are?

I love gym, boxing and spending the weekends with my family.

Sally Taylor 

Your go to snack is…

Protein coated chocolate nuts called Pimp My Nuts.


If you could teleport anywhere for 24 hours, where would you go?

Maldives in a hut over the water.

Sally Taylor 

What have you learnt most since becoming a mother?

That not everything goes to plan, that it’s ok if not everything gets done in a day and that it’s ok to go with the flow.


Your perfume is?

Paris Hilton for Women Eau de Parfum.

 Sally Taylor

Describe yourself as a mum in three words?

Overprotective, enthusiastic, loving


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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