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Newborn baby

It's an issue that has always, and continues to, divide parents across the globe.

Is it ever okay to leave a newborn home alone?


Recently, popular KIIS radio host Kate Langbroek, shared her own experiences with leaving her first born home alone with the Today Show.

Her son used to yell and cry at night, and despite every effort being made, he could not be settled.

'My husband said "I can't stay here and listen to this, this is terrible, let's walk around the block,"' she explained. 

'And then when we came back, he was asleep. We were like, this is like magic!' 

Once she revealed this to her friends, however, they were horrified. 

Despite their criticism, Kate further explained her choice by adding that 'You can sit in the lounge room and listen to him cry, or you can walk around the block!'

On the other side of the fence, many parents are strongly against the idea, arguing that too much could go wrong, even if it's a quick trip to the shops, or to grab a bite to eat. Read any thread on any parenting website, and there will be numerous comments of parents voicing their own opinions on the matter.

Many cite the disappearance of Madeleine McCann as a prime example as to why you can never leave your child, or newborn, alone.


Others, like Langbroek, take the more 'free-range parenting' approach, and argue that a quick duck out is absolutely fine, as it's no different to having a shower or stepping outside for a minute. 


But what do the experts say?

A spokesman for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children stated that, “It is vital we have a common sense approach … because [parents] are best placed to know what is right for their child.” Hence, as is the way with most controversial parenting topics, "you do you" as the kids like to say.


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