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Anna Maria Boelskov

Meet Anna-Maria…

She’s a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Birth Doula, Yoga instructor and a model… oh and did we say… SUPER MUM! And she is currently pregnant with her third little girl. She sure does have her hands full. We talk all things Holistic with Anna-Maria and find out all the secrets to being the best Mumas possible to our little ones.

You’re Mum to?

I am mum to Kieva 6 years old, Vilja 20 months and my growing baby girl currently still in my tummy!

 Anna Maria Boelskov

Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be?

Yes, and then some!! I didn't find the initial change that hard, I just love babies and luckily that initial time with breastfeeding etc is a romantic phase in my eyes. However, I had not thought about motherhood as the kids get older. Now I find it very challenging to keep up with the school runs, activities …. Who knew that children these days have such a busy social calendar! I didn't have that as a kid, life was simpler then I think.


If you could bottle up one thing about your children, what would it be?

The pure nature of their inquisitive minds. We could all use more of this I think… pure joyous wonder for exploring life without judgment.

Anna Maria Boelskov 

You are a lady of many talents; Nutritionist, Herbalist, Birth Doula, Yoga instructor, Model and of course a Super Mum! What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up at 5am before the rest of my household. This is key for me. I start with a 20-30minute vedic meditation and then I do a list for the days must-do tasks. Depending on the day I either go for a long walk with my youngest in the pram after dropping my eldest to school. From midday I do phone consultations for a few hours and on the days that my youngest go to daycare I see patients in my clinic all day. Afternoons and evenings are often packed with loud music and my two dancing girls busting moves in the living room, while I frantically try to clean up, do the washing and tidy the house. My husband is the master chef in our house, so most nights he’s got dinner cooking and ready by 6.30pm. I’m a very firm believer in routine for kids, so my girls are promptly in bed by 7.30pm every night. And truth be told I really need the evenings to unwind and ‘fill up my energy cup’ by doing very little, and just be with my husband. Once you are a family life rolls by so fast, so we make a real effort to prioritise each other, our marriage, every day, for those few hours we can have by our selves. It’s important to us to mindfully be together. I’m in bed by 9.30pm. I love sleep and would not be able help my patients, run my business and be a happy mum without getting enough rest.


Your main focus is women’s health. What are the main reasons why your clients come and see you?

I see women at all stages of life, so there are a few reasons they come to see me. My patients mostly come to me because they feel exhausted or have digestive issues. I also have a large portion that are pregnant and want to make sure they are eating right during this pivotal time in their lives, many also come to me for post pregnancy recovery care, breastfeeding support and are seeking natural ways to care for their newborns.

 Anna Maria Boelskov

What is your number one holistic advice for other mamas out there?

To slow down, chew your food and cook more (with bone broth)! My goodness, we are all so guilty of being stressed, inhaling our meals and eating the wrong foods. But if mums out there did this I guarantee they would feel better. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s definitely worth the challenge. There is always less that can be done, or at least do them slower, so we are not running on adrenaline all day. Most digestive and health related problems can be improved by eating slowly, chewing for longer and actually noticing how we are feeling as we eat. Some call this mindful eating. It’s vital for health! And lastly, bone and chicken broth – just.do.it!



You are about to launch your own Podcasts called, ‘mumspire’. Can you tell us a little about them?

Yes, mumspire, I’m so excited about this launch! These are podcasts aimed to inspire and educate women and mothers about living healthy and happy lives. The episodes are a mix of me talking about nutrition and lifestyle for healthier lives and interviews with different experts on topics that all affects mums. There is everything from, parenting advice, food and diet, baby and children health care, exercise etc. I personally love podcasts, and am always listening to a podcast when I can. It’s a great way to absorb information when you are a busy mum and for me as a naturopath it is a wonderful way to get more support out there to mums. I try to make the episodes cover the most frequent questions and worries mothers have, but also to help expand on what is possible - many of us can feel like we are bugged down by the endless duties of motherhood. I know there is so much more and greater available to us, motherhood is more than just slaving away everyday.

Anna Maria Boelskov 

As a nutritionist and a mum on the go, what is your go to snack?

A smoothie! It takes seconds to whip together and being a mum on the go I need food to be easily digested if I am not sitting down for a meal. That's what makes a smoothie so handy. I can fit so much in a smoothie so I know I cover a broad range of my nutritional needs. I put it in a take away cup and off I go… I usually have a combination of coconut water, a handful of green leady vegetables, celery, frozen berries, natural yoghurt and collagen or whey protein.


If you could teleport anywhere for 24 hours, where would you go?

I would grab my husband and go to New York. I lived there for a big portion of my 20’es, and when I left I didn't expect to not return for so many years. I have so much love for that crazy city, and that's actually where I met my husband the first time, so it would be a nice journey back for us both.

 Anna Maria Boelskov

What is your present state of mind?

Too busy! With the podcast launch in just a few weeks and my busy practice I just feel like life is a little bit too busy these days.


What is your best beauty tip?

Make sure you are hydrated and loaded with natural (plant) fiber. Use only natural (almost) edible skin products and keep them to an absolute minimum. There will be a podcast episode on this exact topic very soon!

 Anna Maria Boelskov

Describe yourself as a mum in three words?

Passionate, dedicated and free spirited.


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 With love,

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