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Meet Jasyme…

She is a Super Mum to the gorgeous Quinn and Theo.

Often left at home alone with the kids for up to 3 weeks at a time, dinner time is always made more fun by FaceTiming Dad. Her Instagram account might be full of beautiful sleeping images of her little ones, but don’t let this fool you…they have their moments. 😜

Jasmyne's incredible talent in capturing these precious little moments in times is appreciated and admired by many, and has a real knack for finding beauty in the simplest of moments.


You’re Mum to?

Quinn, age two and a half- going on 5 apparently, and Theo who has just turned one.

Quinn and Theo 

If you could bottle up one thing about your kiddies, what would it be?

I'd bottle up their beautiful innocence. The delight they express in experiencing even the simplest of things. The sheer excitement they radiate when they have accomplished something new. The positivity and happiness that is their default setting and that makes my mama heart flutter. I'd bottle up their love for us and each other. Those are the memories that I will cherish when I look back on their childhood.


Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be?

The beauty of motherhood is everything I imagined, and more. The love, laughter and joy are exquisite and simply cannot be matched by anything else in this life.

The reality of sleep deprivation, tantrums and parenting logistics though, navigating through and out of these is a mental, physical and emotional minefield that I never thought would detonate in my face so harshly and frequently.

 Quinn and Theo

Your husband is often away for work. Is this the most challenging part of motherhood?

Yes. I am aware of, and remind myself frequently of the positive aspects of his FIFO roster, it is a lifestyle that we continue to live by choice (and by necessity from a financial perspective) but it definitely makes the three weeks that I am parenting by myself very difficult. We do FaceTime at dinner time so we eat together and while he occupies them, I am able to catch up on housework and getting their bedtime routine set up and ready.


Your most effective bribe?

Food. Namely, date rolls, sultanas, popcorn, dried seaweed, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, 'nana drink' (banana/almond milk/bee pollen/ice) and most the most effective, 'birthday cake' (bliss balls/raw vegan treats).

Quinn and Theo 

Your Instagram is full of beautiful sleeping pics. Do you have good sleeping kids on your hands? What is your secret?

My most frequently asked question. I won't lie, the assumption that my children are great sleepers slightly amuses me. I will say, that it does not take a great amount of time to stand up above them and snap a photo. I don't mean to shatter any illusion, but I have not been blessed with great sleepers by any means, quite the opposite actually, particularly with Quinn.

I take their tandem naps as a sort of reward for our otherwise sleepless journey. Sometimes they last just twenty minutes, and sometimes they stretch out to three hours, often with many resettles. The logistics as to how these naps have come about has changed constantly as they have grown and met new milestones, but one thing is certain, when it happens, it is my favourite view.


What are your favourite activities to do with your kiddies?

I love to play with them, all day. Games, nursery rhymes, and pretend play. I'm quite lazy and detest unnecessary mess so as long as it's not craft based, I'm all over it. We dance, make music, prepare wooden and felt meals in their kitchen, play hide and seek, and search for dinosaurs in the back yard. Every week I watch Quinn's ballet lessons, both their swimming lessons and take them for their gymbaroo classes. We have park play dates and coffee meet ups with groups of my favourite mamas and their children.

My all time favourite though is story time. For me, there is nothing more magical or essential to a child than to enjoy and share a love of reading. It's one of my most treasured bonding experiences with them.

 Quinn and Theo

Your go to snack is…

Anything sweet, usually something the kids would never be allowed.


If you could teleport anywhere for 24 hours, where would you go?

I'd take the kids, pick up my husband on the way and we would spend 24 hours experiencing the snow in a little cabin with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Just the four of us spending quality time, building snowmen, making snow angels and cuddling up in front of the fire.

 Quinn and Theo

What is your present state of mind?

Currently I am tired, exhausted even, and am drained both mentally and emotionally. I have had a trying week filled with bittersweet changes as we are transitioning to an alternative version of normal, so I am allowing myself to go through the motions. No matter how heavy my heart feels, I do feel so very blessed and I never forget just how lucky I am to be their mama.


You can invite anyone to a dinner party. Who would it be?

My late great grandmother to share stories with and compare her career in midwifery with mine so far. The questions I have for her are endless.

 Quinn and Theo

Your perfume is?

Essential oils paired with macadamia oil. Which particular oil, depends on the day.


Describe yourself as a mum?

I am just like every other mother that I know. I'm doing the very best that I can at the time, with the information and examples that I have collected along the way. I like to think that I'm perfectly imperfect as a mother, and beautiful chaos is the most fitting description for my journey throughout motherhood. I like my days spent at home as much as I like getting out of the house. I strive for a routine, but include the notion of flexibility in our day to day plans and I like to have fun, while showing the importance of keeping up with my responsibilities. I'm more alternate in my approach of most things, but I do believe there is a time and place for everything. I believe in seeking a healthy balance in every facet of parenting. I'm completely selfless, I surrender myself to their every whim and choose to nurture them at every stage, and I can't imagine parenting any other way. I am lead by them, and they are guided by me. I believe that your actions demonstrate a standard of appropriate behaviour, that they speak louder than your words, and the words you speak become their inner voice. To describe me as a mother is to describe me as a person, as that is who my children look up to, that is who they seek their comfort from, that is who they learn from.

 Quinn and Theo


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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