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Best Melbourne Playgrounds


We've compiled a list of the top playgrounds across Melbourne, with their proximity to cafes serving extra strong lattes taken into consideration.

Weekends sorted; you're welcome.


Royal Park Nature Playground

 Best Playgrounds Melbourne

This playground puts the others to shame, with a low ropes course, slide, plenty of sandpits and many more fun activities. 

Think school camp, minus the terrible food.

Plus, it's only an easy tram ride from the CBD, and if your kid is prone to being in the wars, the Royal Children's Hospital is only right next door.


Ruffey Lake Park

Best Playgrounds Melbourne

Kids full of beans?

Take them to one of the biggest parks in Melbourne, with multiple playgrounds, walking tracks and even a disc golf course (try it, it's fun, and free #winning)

Swings, slides, sandpits, and structures to climb on - you name it, Ruffey Lake Oark has got it.


Hays Paddock

 Best Playgrounds Melbourne

 Considered one of the oldest and best playgrounds in Melbourne, Hays Paddock is suitable for kids of all ages.

It's got all you need for a fun day out, including a learner's bike circuit.


Out of town...

Sorrento Woodpark

Best Playgrounds Melbourne

An adventure playground overlooking the bay, featuring all the playground favourites including a flying fox, monkey bars, musical instruments, slides, a fireman's pole, swings, and sandpits.

Suggest a game of hide and seek; with as many nooks and crannies as this place, there'll hours of fun, guaranteed.

Plus, it's only a short stroll from local favourite Stringer's Cafe, where you can get your caffeine fix, and a milkshake for your troops.


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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