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Meet Lil Romano…

An Italian Mama who doesn't cook...say what?! All jokes aside, Lil has motherhood down pat.

Lil is all about confidence, and credits it as the greatest beauty secret that anyone can have.

She believes the ingredients to a healthy relationship are a sense of humour, all the wine and a good bunch of babysitters on call. We couldn't agree more. 


You’re Mum to?

Luna Abbey


Luna! What a beautiful name. What brought you to naming her this?

Being Italian I wanted to incorporate this into my daughters name seeing as the Romano wouldn’t be carried down. So to be honest, When Chrissy Teigan named her daughter Luna a month before my daughter was born I kind of copied!

 Super Mum Lil Romano

What has been the most precious moment of motherhood thus far?

Those first five days at Cabrini hospital, just me my angel Luna and my partner, I didn’t leave the room once. I don’t know if it was the morphine or the fact that all I ever needed was in that room it just felt like I was in heaven I didn’t want to leave!


Is motherhood what you expected it to be?

I don’t think I had any expectations because I had actually never even held a baby before I held my daughter and none of my friends have kids so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It’s definitely a lot harder than I expected, you can never truly relax but Luna is my best friend we do everything together and nothing matters as long as she is happy and healthy. It puts life into perspective and makes you reevaluate your priorities. I definitely miss seeing my friends though and spending quality time with my partner.


You are back working the corporate life now. How do you find juggling motherhood and work?

When I was single I thought I was busy. Now when my single friends say they are busy in my head I am like YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Sometimes I find it a luxury to be able to use the bathroom! At the same time going back to work has increased my independence and my sanity. It definitely makes you a more confident mother as well and I have the best boss she is very understanding if I need to leave work early etc. to take care of Luna so I am very lucky.

Super Mum Lil Romano 

If you could go back to a moment in time, what would it be?

So many to choose from!

Probably the first time I went to a music festival with my friends, that age in general, first couple of years out of high school were epic for me.


Never would I…

Cook haha I hate cooking!


Who has been the biggest influence in your lives?

My parents. I can’t even control my brain from asking “What would mum and dad think” before I do anything.


Wine or chocolate?

What a stupid question WINE!


Who is your hero?

I know it's cheesy but my Mum for sure, she is my best friend in the entire world and if I can be half as good a mum as she was to me I will be very content as a mother.


Best beauty tip?

Beauty to me is confidence. Confidence gives you a glow that will catch the eye of everyone in the room and don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is too short to be self-conscious, just own your individuality.

Super Mum Lil Romano 

What frightens you?

How quickly time passes by and social media scares the crap out of me. Especially imagining what my daughter will have access to and the issues that will cause for her generation aspiring to unrealistic expectations of life.


You’ve got 4 free hours, what do you do?

Say what now?


What is your present state of mind?



What qualities do you hope to install in your daughter?

All her father’s qualities! He is the calm one, I am the erratic ‘world is over’ dramatic one.

Super Mum Lil Romano


Relationships – what is your ingredient to a happy one?

Some good babysitters on call, lots of wine and a sense of humour.  


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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