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Meet Jules Coffey…


A super honest and refreshing Mum to 15 month old, Emmison Violet, and soon to be doula. She shares her experience as a new mother on her candid Instagram @newmumstheword - a must follow! On the weekends you can find this sweet family renovating their home and cooling off at the beach. Trackie pants on the couch, potato chips, reality TV and ALL THE WINE in the world are her indulgences, which sounds pretty damn good to us. We might just come crash!


You’re Mum to?

Emmison Violet aged 15 months.


Most precious moment of motherhood thus far?

There has been so many! It’s hard to pin point one but her being put on my chest after a long day waiting for her to be born and her walking are most definitely up there!

Jules Coffey 

What has your daughter taught you?

She has taught me to stop and enjoy the moment. To slow down and find happiness in simple pleasures. That happiness and being a good person are far more important that anything materialistic (don’t tell my husband – I still want a Range Rover).


Your instagram is from a VERY honest perspective. Does this help you vent from the exhausting days of motherhood?

ABSOLUTELY. To know that I am not alone in my highs and my lows. To know that I have this amazing platform to be myself, give and receive advice, motivation and encouragement. It is not always easy and it is so comforting to know that for the most part we have each others backs.

Jules Coffey 

Where would we find you and your family on the weekends?

Renovating – it is a constant battle! We like to try and escape to the beach too. Fresh air and cold water is like an instant refresh. We don’t see my husband much during the week he works so hard then weekends is house time so we try and just lay low when we are not busy.


Your perfume is?

Narcisco Rodriguez – it makes me feel alive.

 Jules Coffey

You can invite 5 people to a dinner party – anyone! Who would it be?

Ohhh that’s a hard one!! I wouldn’t invite Emmi that’s for sure. She would just try and steal my food.


I would have to say Nigella Lawson – to cook. Ellen DeGeneres – to entertain. Ed Sheeran  - to sing (and I may have a HUGE crush on him). Obama – he seems really down to earth and intelligent! Imagine the stories!! Probably Ryan Reynolds – for desert! (sorry Blake).


You can teleport anywhere, for 24 hours, where do you go?

England to see my family! I miss them all so much. Close second would be Bora Bora – ALONE.

Jules Coffey 

Your indulgence is…

Tracksuit pants, potato scallops, reality TV and ALL THE WINE.


Best beauty tip?

Use a light face oil, it has changed my skin! Keeping your skin hydrated can make a huge difference.

 Jules Coffey

What frustrates you?

My husband, people who don’t indicate, people who don’t have manners, people who mistreat animals. I COULD GO ON AND ON 😂


What is your present state of mind?

I am feeling good today! Every day can be very different! I have hashimoto’s disease and suffer from anxiety so it is up and down! Emmi slept well last night, is back down for a sleep, the house is tidy so we are off to a good start! (Ask me again at 4pm…)

 Jules Coffey

Relationships – What is your ingredient to a happy one?

Make sure you respect each other, be with someone that will be your friend more so then your lover. Do nice things for each other – often it is the little things. Make sure you are on the same page. And then mostly just WING IT and hope for the best! It’s important to both have space which can be challenging with a child. Communication (everyone says it buts it’s true) is key. If you are not happy talk about it before things boil over. DRINK ALL THE WINE. Did I mention I like wine??


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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