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Santa Claus

 “Is Santa Claus real?” Uh-oh, it's all downhill from here.

No child likes to hear that the mythical and generous Santa Claus, or his friends for that matter, don't exist. It's by no means an easy topic to broach, but one which year after year pops up in many households.

So who should be the one to burst their bubble? Ideally, not Billy's older brother at the school playground.


There’s no right or wrong way to divulge the truth, or a right age. Only a parent will known when their child is ready to learn the truth, and this depends on their maturity to handle it and to refrain from telling younger siblings or friends, who still believe. If you've got a child asking, start with asking why they're asking, and work from there. Ask them what they believe, but be prepared to either deflect their disbelief, or be straight up.


Although I can’t remember exactly how it went down when the truth was revealed to me at a young age, but according to my dad, the conversation went a little like this...

“Is Santa Claus real?”

Dad, taken aback by the question, replied,

“Oh...um, No. He’s not, but...”

Before giving him a chance to explain, I set myself up for another disappointment...

“Easter Bunny?”


And another...

“Tooth Fairy?”

“Sorry, but no.”


Yep. Just like ripping off a bandaid, childhood beliefs gone in seconds. Way to go me!


Ultimately, whether you choose to be straight forward, or to divert the attention elsewhere, is your decision. Each child develops at his/her own rate, and as a parent, you know them best. So if you think your little one is not quite ready for the big bad world with no Santa, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, then hold off for a few more years.


Reactions can range from despondent, to just plain angry. This little girl's reaction in particular is priceless...

Is Santa Claus Real


And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

Is Santa Claus Real


We hope you don't receive the same darling illustration.


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