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Alice in Healthy Land

Meet Alice. We knew she was awesome, but when we learned she loved to eat Nutella straight from the jar - she went right up in our books.

Not only is she a Super Mum, she is an uber healthy and fit one too; cue her glorious IG account that includes some serious washboard abs. If it’s Nutella that makes her look like that, we’re off to buy a stack.

Alice runs her well-known blog ‘Alice in Healthy Land’, all the while keeping things together in her household full of beautiful boys. 

Enjoy getting to know this talented multi-tasking Muma a bit better X


You’re Mum to?

Cruz - my nearly one year old boy.


Most precious moment of motherhood thus far?

That feeling of hearing I had a son in the labour room and holding him in my arms for the first time. Wow what a moment that I will always remember. I get goosebumps thinking of it!


Who is a role model for your son?

Firstly David (my husband) and I are. We hope to influence Cruz by serving as good examples. I think as a parent it is impossible not to model for your children as our children see us as examples and look up to us. I think all of Cruz's grandparents and aunties and uncles play a good part in being a role model for him as well. He is blessed to be surrounded by such loving people.

 Alice in Healthy Land

If you could go back to a moment in time, what would it be?

When I made my little man smile for the first time, arghhh it was so cute.


Your perfume is?

Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb. Dave always buys me it for our anniversary and he gave it to me on my wedding day. I wear it on special occasions and date night. For everyday I just wear essential oils to enhance my mood.


Never would I…

Never say never.. hahaha

 Alice in Healthy Land

A sentence to yourself 5 years ago?

Be brave enough to be the best version of yourself no matter what!


Balancing business and motherhood is…

Stressful at times but very rewarding as you feel a sense of satisfaction that you get to do both.


Sugar to you is?

A bitch! Argh it annoys me how it’s hidden in so many foods. It is part of the reason I make most things from scratch.

Alice in Healthy Land 

You can teleport anywhere, for 24 hours, where do you go?

Stockholm in Sweden, it’s one of my most favourite places I have visited! The summer there is just beautiful.


Brad Pitt or George Clooney. And back up your claim….!

George.. because his eyes light up when he smiles! Love him in the Nespresso ad too!


Your indulgence is…

Nutella with some sort of fruit or by the spoon! YUM!! I hardly ever enjoy this treat but when I do… I go to town on that jar!

Alice in Healthy Land 

What frightens you?

Scary movies!! Seriously I HATE them and I think they are stupid, because who the hell would want to scare the crap out of themselves for no good reason.


‘I wish I knew then, what I know now’ - apply this to your life...

Hmmm I believe the things I didn't know then have taught me what I do know now! Does that make sense? haha!


Top 5 people you’d invite to a dinner party?

Lisa Messenger, Melissa Ambrosini, Princess Kate, David - my husband and Jessica Mauboy

Alice in Healthy Land 

You’ve got 4 free hours, what do you do?

I love walking so I would probably go for a nice walk and then get a facial or my nails done. 


Describe yourself as a Mum.

I am a very grateful one. Being a muma is hard sometimes but if you practice gratefulness you will come back down to earth and tackle this mummy gig with a new light. I love my son very much and hope that I will be a good role model for him.

Alice in Healthy Land 

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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