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She is, Sarah Jane

She is fabulous. She is a Super Mum to Mia Grace. She is a lifestyle, fashion & beauty blogger.

She is, Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane Young, is, quite simply, a woman of many talents. Her blog 'She is, Sarah Jane' has been listed as one of the top five beauty blogs by The Urban List; no easy feat!

A lover of routine, but she'll occasionally let things fly by. She shares a common parental fear of the complex world her baby/ies are growing-up in.
She's also partial to a bit of salt’n’pepper, and we're not talking about hot chips...

And if you want to know her secret to her beautiful glowing skin, then keep on reading.


You’re Mum to?

Mia Grace who is 18 months old and currently cooking baby number two! (14 weeks)


The most precious moment of motherhood thus far?

It would be too hard to narrow it down to one single moment, I just know I fall deeper and deeper in love with MG every day. Watching her grow into a little girl and discover the world in her own way, is truly magical.

She is, Sarah Jane


Describe yourself as a Mum.

I would actually say I’ve got a bit of a split-personality when it comes to my ‘style’ of parenting. I am very much a routine mamma, however, I’m also very laid back and a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda mum, too. I am VERY much a believer in each to their own and respect that everyone has their own method and approach to motherhood


What qualities do you hope to install in your daughter?

 Kindness, acceptance, self-confidence, respect – all the usual suspects. What we as parents want more than anything for our children is to know they are unconditionally loved and supported, and in a safe place. I fear they are already growing-up in a very different world than we did (a far more complex world), and whatever challenges they face, we’re here for them 100%.

She is, Sarah Jane


Your perfume is...

 Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel


Never would I…

Hmmm, this is tricky one. Go to bed without showering! Definitely a little OCD in that department!  

She is, Sarah Jane


Sugar to you is?

Sugar! It’s naughty and nice!


George Clooney or Brad Pitt? And back up your claim!

I’m going to dishonour the female race and say neither (!!!), but if I had to choose it would GC. I’m partial to a bit of salt’n’pepper!

She is, Sarah Jane


Your indulgence is…

Hot chips – they get me everrrrrry-time!


Best beauty tip?

Mixing an illuminating cream with my foundation, this is great for those tired eyes and dull skin days (which is most days post-baby/ies!)

She is, Sarah Jane


What frightens you?

Getting old and the loneliness that can come with that.


You’ve got 4 free hours, what do you do?

So in other words, what is my fantasy?! Definitely some gym time and a nice mani and pedi.


Be sure to check out Sarah's beautiful Instagram; inspiration galore.


With love,

My Super Nanny.



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