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Kids activities

If your kids are making no noise, there’s a fat chance that they’re simply playing nicely together or sitting there braiding each other’s hair.

Ha. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Most likely, they’ve managed to spill your blush all over the white carpet, or broken your grandmother’s antique vase. Joy.


Keep the silence (relatively) at bay, and get the kids occupied with some good old fashioned, but actually fun, board games.



The original word game, Boggle is an age-old favourite. From an educational point of view, you’ll be kicking parent goals with this scrabble-like word game, where the aim is to find words from the letters provided. Simple, but enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

Ages: 8 and up




It’s rats versus cats in this card game, where the goal of the game is to aim for low cards (cats) and avoid the high cards (rats). A game of suspense and anticipation, that teaches your kids important life skills, including the usefulness of a good poker face.

Ages: 6 and up


Monopoly Junior

Another oldie but a Goldie, Monopoly Jr. teaches your kids the basics of the original version, in a more simplistic and child-friendly manner. Guaranteed to keep them busy for hours, this one’s a great choice for lazy Sundays, rainy days or when you simply need a few hours to yourself.

Ages: 5 and up

Monopoly Junior


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