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We're talking lovable. We're talking abrupt. We're talking direct. We're talking keel-over-and-hold-your-belly funny. She's a comedian, radio host and author.

She's made some mistakes and she's made some enormous triumphs.

Ladies and gents, we introduce the force that is Em Rusciano as Super Muma this week for My Super Nanny.

Sit back, grab a vino and divulge into her open account of motherhood, and her refreshingly honest take on life as she knows it.

Em Rusciano


In your book, you outline the hilarity of how parenting has changed from then, to now.  How do you feel about political correction within parenting these days?

I don’t know if it’s political correction or our obsession with posting every single thing online to get the validation that we’re doing the right thing. Nowadays it’s so much easier to expose poor parenting choices. Back in the 80s, if Facebook was around, there would’ve been status updates like “I sent Em down to the shops for a pack of ciggies, hope she comes back okay!” which just wouldn't happen today. And now we can compare our parenting choices to a much bigger group of people thanks to social media and the Internet.

Just this week, an argument ensued between two women or "mummy bloggers" (I detest that term) it Constance Hall and Lisa Shearon, aka The Notorious Mum, with Lisa criticizing Constance’s approach to blogging. This kind of behaviour is just gross.


I wish I could grab every mother, look them in the eye and say “Babe, we’ve all been there at 2am crying into towels because we’re not sure that what we’re doing is right. And that woman that you just s*at on? She has been there too.”

There is nothing wrong with women holding each other accountable, but I think personally attacking someone and say they’re a bad parent is totally unnecessary. 99% of parents are doing their best when it comes to parenting, the constant critique is just gross and not necessary. 


Never again would you drink…?


I can’t even smell it. Vanessa Amorosi lined up 20 shots of tequila once, and we had to meet in the middle. She can drink, and I can’t. As a result, I ended up in the emergency ward getting my stomach pumped.

Em Rusciano


Your eldest daughter Marchella presents as a sharp wordsmith in your book.  Her wildest words have been…?

Oh god. It’s hard to distill the Magnificent Marchella to just a few words. She is either going to rule you all or kill you all, I haven’t decided yet.

Probably “Can you just wear some pants in public?”, because I tend to perform in a leotard most of the time which she can’t stand. We get called Saffy & Edina (from Ab Fab) a lot. It doesn’t go that well with me, but she is certainly the sensible one. She keeps everything in line, and even spell checks for me.


Your youngest daughter experienced a tough time at school momentarily, being ostracized.

What’s your take on bullies in this day and age in primary schools?

Bullying in school is a really tough one, because there’s a fine line between letting your kid figure it out themselves and teaching them coping skills to be able to handle it.

My philosophy as a parent is that as a parent, it's up to you to equip your kid with the tools to cope with another kid who is being a d**khead.

I like to think that my kids have good conflict resolution skills, and I think that is the best way moving forward in life. I’m not always going ot be there to swoop in and save them.

It did get quite out of hand with Odette, we did end up changing schools. It got to a point where we gave it every chance but not enough was being done in my opinion. Now Odi knows what to do with bullies and how to handle them. 

Em Rusciano


Bubes. This fabulous word features in your book. Can you elaborate for all?

The pubes on your nipples. No woman will admit it. We will s**t ourselves giving birth in front of the love of our life. But the line in the sand is hair on our nipples. No woman, I don’t care how natural, organic, hippy, whatever you say you are. No woman will allow their partner to take a peek...however, I haven’t asked my lesbian friends, so I will ask them and investigate. I know Scott my husband has done some disgusting things for me, and he has never seen them.


You’re having a dinner party;

What do you cook?

A Carbohydrate feast. I’m Italian, so I cook that best. It would be 9 courses obviously, all involving cheese. My dad calls Parmesan Italian salt, so we tend to put that on everything.


Who do you invite?

John Farnham (I love him), Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Stevie Wonder and Carl Lewis.


What sentence do you end the night with?

Buy my book! It’s called Try Hard! Available at all good book stores!



Em Rusciano 

In your book, you outline some really meaningful relationships. What do all of these people have in common?


Number one thing that I give to my friends and expect in return is if I go to battle, I expect you by my side. And the friends I have had, I have had for my life. I’m not good at accepting new ones. They’re all loyal, and low maintenance.

My grandmother was someone I really looked up to, she had a huge influence on me – fierce, smart, funny, blunt. They're the kinds of qualities I look for in a friend. All my friends are strong people, who give rather than take.


Intuition to you is…?

Go with your gut. It has never let me down, not once.


For single mums getting back on the dating scene – throw them your top 3 “single-no-more”, ‘prep’ tips.

Stay single!

Marriage is hard. I say you got out sisters, well done! Now go out there, and f**k young men!

When you’re in a marriage you think oh God imagine being alone again, and then when I was single I thought "I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life and cats are going to eat my remains". It’s so hard to be a single mother dating, as you don’t know when to drop the bombshell of ‘I’ve got kids’. Good Luck, may the force be with you. But there is nothing wrong with being single. From someone who has been twice separated, from the same person.

 Em Rusciano


You openly divulge your turbulent marriage - for the partnered mums out there – what have you learnt in hindsight, that you wish you knew earlier?

Accept their best efforts may not be the same as yours. Don’t expect them to replicate yours. My version of cleaning the toilet is to scrub it until it cries, and bleach it until it has no soul. Scott just lights a match.

There’s that weird thing that they say “Don’t go to bed angry”, do! Sleep on it, and then tackle it in the morning. Most of our worst fights happened at night when we were both disgustingly tired.

It’s hard, and no one says that. Too many people portray this perfect idea that if you don’t get along all the time or have the same interests, often when you have kids marriage just becomes about surviving and not killing the other person, and if you can get though the day without flipping the bird behind their back and silently mouthing “F**k you” then that’s a win!

I think having lower expectations for your relationship is a good place to start.


As a mum, you are…

A person first and a mother second.


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