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Super Muma; Mister Zimi

Meet Zoe Paul.

She’s kind of a big deal, because her clothes are kind of unbelievably perfect. She’s a Mum to two gorgeous kids and founder of fashion label cult favourite; “Mister Zimi”. Yep, that gorgeous women’s label that can do no wrong. Luxurious textiles and exotic designs – you know a Mister Zimi piece when you see one. Business is buzzing for Zoe, most likely due to her humble approach and impeccable eye. To the point that her ranges have been adorned and picked up by the famous, including the Kardashians.

For an Instagram feed to get lost in, check our Mister Zimi’s. You’re welcome.



Who are you a Super Mum to (and their ages)?

 Florence (4) and Willy (2)


Super Muma


We absolutely love the story of how Mister Zimi became… who would have thought a leather jacket designed on a Bali holiday and delivered to your hotel under Mister Zimi (a combination of Mrs Zoe and Mr Jimi) would become an international brand that every lady wants to wear.

What has been your biggest ‘OMG, I cannot believe this is happening’ moment during this journey?

The whole thing! I still cannot believe it. Some stand out moments are the thousands of people lined up from 7.30am for our warehouse sales for the last few years and shooting our campaigns with our amazing team in Santorini, Capri and Spain.

Mister Zimi


Mister Zimi prints are instantly recognizable, where do you get your inspiration from for these unique designs?

Exotic places and textiles, rugs, tiles, artwork, anywhere really. I’ve learnt to look at things differently.

Mister Zimi


You now live between Australia and Bali, which is probably a lot of adult’s dreams come true! How do the kids cope with having two home bases, different sets of friends and different schools /child care?


We have now added Byron Bay to the mix! As the kids are getting older we are spending less time in Bali because it’s become harder. The kids are happy if we are together as a family no matter where we call home.


Your kids are probably seasoned travelers, but what do you refuse to get on a plane without?

Snacks and iPads. The only time our kids are allowed iPads is on the plane – which means they are glued to them the whole flight – life savers!

Super Muma


If you could bottle one thing about your kids, what would it be?

The conversations and the mixed words. The other day Willy said ‘I want to see it with my face’, things like that. Or the affection, it know it won’t last forever so I love sharing a bed with my kids or endless cuddles and kisses.


What do you think your kids will be when they grow up?

Florence is amazing at drawing, she tells me she wants to be an artist. Willy loves lining everything up – maybe he’ll be a brick layer!

They are so young and things change all the time so the answer to this question would change monthly.

Super Muma


Which celeb wearing a Mister Zimi design has blown your celebrity radar out the window?

Kourtney Kardashian has worn our clothes a few times on their show. She has the pick of any label in the world so it was mind blowing to see her choose to wear ours!

Super Muma


What is the best bit of parenting advice you have received?

Be patient and don’t wish time away. Kids grow so fast and everything is a phase. Cherish the moment.


With love,

My Super Nanny.


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