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Death by milkshake. Yes please.

Emma Stone Yum



If you're looking for the crème de la crème of milkshakes, look no further.

We’ve scoured the streets of Sydney to put together a list of our top five favourites. 

It was a chore *cough*, but someone had to do it.


Foodcraft Espresso

The Tella Ball Shake

Just when you thought milkshakes couldn't get any more delicious, try adding a Nutella donut on top.

Mind = blown.

These shakes are the epitome of decadence, and are worth every sip and bite!

Foodcraft Espresso Tella Shake



XS Espresso

Tim Tam Peanut Butter Shake & Cookies and Cream Shake

What do you get when you cross a Tim Tam with Peanut Butter? Perfection. Some might say it’s excessive, but in my books, it’s bloody brilliant. And if peanut butter or Tim Tams aren’t your thing, do not miss out on the Classic Cookies and Cream Shake – to die for.

XS Espresso Milkshakes



What the Fudge Café

Golden Gaytime Frappé

The Golden Gaytime Frappé; another Aussie classic turned ultimate milkshake - you beauty! Served with a cone of ice cream on top (I’m not kidding), you won’t want to miss this gram opportunity.

What the Fudge Golden Gaytime Frappe



Daisy’s Milk Bar

Classic Strawberry Shake

Take it back to the 50s at this gorgeous café, and enjoy an old school vibe, where the milkshakes are classic and splendid. Their range of classics is top notch, including a world-class strawberry shake served up with a cherry on top.

Daisy's Milk Bar



The Vogue Café

Killer milkshakes

We couldn't choose just one winner from this place...good luck choosing between the Nutella, Peanut Butter or Oreo killer milkshakes. Each as devilishly delicious & decadent as the other, you’ll just have to come back the next day...

Vogue Cafe Killer Milkshakes



For the healthier ones amongst you...
Kudos to you. 

Earth to Table

Whilst not technically a milkshake, Earth to Table’s Give Me Love superfood smoothie will satisfy your sugar cravings, while also keeping your summer bod in check. Boo-yah!

Earth to Table



With love, 

My Super Nanny.


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