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Super Mum Monique Milenkovic

We're calling it; Super Muma of the week Monique Milenkovic has the world's tastiest job.
Not only is she the brains behind her business, 'The Cupcake Queen' - she is also the sharp tastebud behind all delectable recipes and creations. We can only imagine taste testing day (not envious at all...).
The lovely Monique gives us an insight into how she juggles motherhood, business and baking.

Disclaimer; below images will cause sugar cravings.



Who are you a Super Mum to?

George (9 months), Thomas (1), Oscar (2), Sophia (5).


Your cupcakes are insanely amazing…what is your cooking background? Chef or just a bloody good baker?

Neither! People often assume I’m an avid baker who found a way to combine passion with an income, but it’s not how the business came to be. Instead the Cupcake Queen was born from my own quest to find beautiful yet tasty cupcakes for my own wedding, over ten years ago. I looked everywhere, unsuccessfully, and realized there was a gap in the market - and seized the opportunity.

So I see myself as a businesswoman in a bakery, not a baker in a business! I am a highly skilled taste tester though. My background before being a cupcake queen was in HR, mainly in legal and accounting firms, so I went from corporate queen to cupcake queen!      


Cupcake Queen Cupcakes



Is there such a thing as a work / life balance?

I could talk about this all day.  I think everyone’s version of work / life balance is different and it comes down to what works for you. I often think we tend to assume all women, men and families in general want the same thing and it’s not true. And if everyone has a different desired ‘balance’, there can be no “one size fits all” approach.

For myself, I like to think of work / life balance as a long game; sometimes work dominates and sometimes family needs me more. And that’s fine.  I try to focus on staying true to my values and goals when making decisions as I feel this gives me the best chance at achieving balance. I should also add that creating a workplace that helps my wonderful Cupcake Queen employees achieve their version of balance is also a priority.    


Your husband works in the business with you, is it ‘good, bad or ugly’ working with your significant other?

It’s very good. I think working with your significant other can either be a great experience or an epic disaster and luckily for us, it’s the former.  Even though I knew there was a gap in the market for incredible cupcakes, having my husband’s unwavering support has been incredibly important – and continues to be. He’s always encouraged me to chase my dream and without his support, we wouldn’t be eating these delicious morsels!       

Monique Milenkovic and Family


Who is the boss at work and at home?

Depends who you ask and what day it is! Of course I am the boss at work AND at home, although my children regularly attempt to challenge the status quo. In a professional context I’ve learned to be really good at delegating so I look forward to the day when my children are older and I can apply these skills at home!                                                                                                                                                         


Do you ever get downtime?

Occasionally!  I know the importance of downtime but I’m guilty of not getting enough. I schedule in what I can, sometimes a quick manicure or if I’m lucky, a night out with girlfriends. I’m making an effort to get more downtime from my screens too (laptop, iphone, etc!).  I find that “switching off” from electronic devices is great downtime.  You would be amazed at how much other stuff you can get done!   


Owning a cupcake business and having 4 small kids, what are the sugar highs like in your household?

Better than you might think. I don’t have any hard and fast rules when it comes to their cupcake consumption, as long as it’s not too close to bedtime.  But in the spirit of full disclosure, it does get a little crazy around their birthdays as I tend to go just a little overboard with all things party related, especially cupcakes!                                


Monique Milenkovic Cupcake Queen Cupcakes                                                                                                           

Most mischievous thing your kids have gotten up to?

It’s hard to choose from such a wealth of options! But the most recent claim to the mantle of Most Mischievous was undertaken by my two-year-old son Oscar, who decided to draw on everything with a stray texta. He chose our white walls and white leather couch as his canvas and he was very thorough.                                                                                                                                                                    

How would you describe your parenting style?

I think I’m pretty relaxed - not to be mistaken with disorganized! Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I’m relaxed when I feel organized. My parents raised 3 kids while running their own business so I’ve got great role models for parenting. I’m also not too proud to take the easy way out, sometimes, like when there is a cake stall at my daughters’ school. (Yes, I bring cupcakes from my own bakery!)


That said, I definitely need to get better at saying no to my kids. It’s so much easier to say yes to their little cute faces.  I feel like this approach serves me well in the short-term but will backfire in the long-term!

Monique Milenkovic Rocky Road Cupcake



Sum up each of your kids in one word?

George – happy.

Thomas – thinker.

Oscar – mischievous.

Sophia - thoughtful.



With love,

My Super Nanny

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