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Every little boy & girl dreams that one day, they too will be competing in the Olympics. 

So, ignite their passion to be the next Kyle Chambers by throwing them an Olympic themed party!

Put together a celebration with your Mother's Group, or a bunch of friends from your kid's class, to celebrate this special quadrennial event. 


From decorations to activities, My Super Nanny has got you covered.




Flags, flags and more flags

You can purchase flags of the world plates, cups, toothpicks, you name it! All the flags of the world will surely add to the Olympic spirit.

International Flags Paper Plate



Everyone's a winner!


All mini-olympians deserve a medal, just ensure there are plenty of gold ones to go around! Your local two-dollar shop, costume shop, or most party supplies websites will have cheap gold, silver and bronze medals available.

 Plastic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals



What’s a party without delicious and creative food? We’re thinking...



With coloured sprinkles or icing to look like the Olympic Rings.

 Donuts with Olympic-coloured icing




Served in ice cream cups, to replicate each little child’s own Olympic torch.

Popcorn as Olympic Torches



Buy lollies for each colour of the Olympic rings (red & blue raspberries, pineapples, liquorice & mint lollies), and put them in separate jars for an awesome Olympic effort.



Entertain the kids for hours with...


A tattoo station

Olympic-themed tattoos only, of course!


Balloon weight lifting

Tie two balloons to either end of a long stick (a broom stick will do the trick), and let the strong-boys and strong-girls practise their best weight lifting skills.

 Baby weight-lifting with a balloon



Hula hoop

 Who can keep the hoop spinning the longest? Start a leaderboard, and write up the times of each competitor.


Potato sack race

 An oldie but a goldie. Always fun for the kids, and the adults too (after a few champas of course).




Potato Sack Race



Balloon volleyball

 To avoid any trips to the emergency room, replace the volleyball with a balloon, and let the kids battle it out! Tie a length of rope between two trees if you don't have a volleyball net.


A little something for the parents... 


It may be a party for the kids, but that doesn't mean parents have to miss out!

Serve up your champagne glasses, with the rims covered in caster sugar.


Simply put 2 tbs of caster sugar each into five bowls. Then, colour the sugar with food dye. Use a lemon to coat the rim of each champagne glass, then dip into coloured sugar bowls. Put in freezer for 10 minutes to set. Pour in the champagne, and you're good to go!

 Olympic Cocktails



Olympians will also prove to be inspiring, but if you're ever in need of a bit of inspiration, don't forget to look in the mirror, and remember the Olympic efforts you make every day as a parent. 

Cheers to you, Super Parents!


With love,
My Super Nanny X
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