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Who are you a Super Mum to? 

James who is 3 and Lily who is 6 and in Grade 1.

When did you first get the acting bug?

I can't remember not having it. I started as a ballet dancer which I think gave me a love for the stage but movies and television were where I escaped to. I loved old movies growing up and I think that gave me the bug.

Did your parents try to stop you from pursuing acting?

No they were really supportive.

Pia Miranda and Kick Gurry the stars of Looking for AlibrandiLooking for Alibrandi, every millennium teenager remembers you in this movie…what was life like as a result?

Well the work was great. I mean such a lovely incredibly fulfilling job to get so early in my career and 

we were all really young and passionate and excited. The attention was a bit of a shock after it came out. It really took me by surprise and I can be a bit shy in a crowd so it was a bit of an adjustment.

What’s has been your favourite character to play?

Oh gosh I've got a few so it's a bit hard to pick. Probably Olga in a German play called 'Fireface'. Sounds random, but it was amazing.

Did you have to plan having Lily and James around your work or did you just throw caution to the wind?

Well I just dived in, but I think I did put it off for a bit because I was scared of taking so much time off work. 

Then I found a side career as a Voice Artist which has really helped me keep working when I've been pregnant and had young babies. It's a great job when you have little babies because you can pop off to work for an hour and it gets you out of the house, out of your PJs and you get to talk to grown ups for a bit.

Biggest lesson learnt since having kids?

Patience really is a virtue!

One word that sums up both of your kids...

Lily – Nun

James – Cheeky

Best part about being a mum?

Learning from your kids about love. I mean the fact that we can get through some of those mega toddler tantrums and still love them so much, that's something. You should have seen the one that James had today over wanting to beep the car horn!

Most challenging thing about being a mum?

Being time poor. Not having time for the little things... Like plucking! I'm Italian so I really need to keep on top of that stuff, but it's all fallen apart.

Funniest parenting moment?

Well when Lily was little I had a voice over job which I ended up timing wrong and became EXTREMELY engorged. I didn't have a pump or really anything in the car to assist but couldn't wait to get home. I ended up expressing a bit into a jelly bean  packet in the car park!

Pia with children Lily and James

Who is the biggest celeb you have met and/or had a fan girl moment?

I followed Kevin Spacey around a supermarket once.

Wentworth is a current big hit…what was the best part about playing Jodie?

Oh the best part about that show are the great scripts. It was such a crazy and intense role and they don't come along that often.

How do you balance working in a role like Wentworth and then coming home and playing mum?

It was actually a nice break from the madness but I did scare the kids a couple of times when I forgot to wash off my makeup before I came home.

Do your parents watch your shows, especially when you play a role like Jodie?

They always come to the theatre but when it's TV or film it depends what it is. My sister was a Wentworth fan so she was right into it.

Will you let your kids watch all of your shows when she’s old enough?

Oh for sure if they're interested.

Lily definitely has a bit of the acting bug, is this something you will be encouraging?

Well I want to let her find her own way but she definitely loves to perform. She actually wants to do voice overs because she gets super excited when she hears me on the radio. She loves netball too so I'd be happy if she was sporty because I didn't play sports at all and I still can't catch a ball.

What do you think your kids will be when they grow up?

Lily – teacher or something crafty or arty 

Jimmy – truck driver. It's all about trucks right now.

What’s next on the horizon for Pia?

I start rehearsals on Monday for Around the World in 80 days with Ian Stenlake and Grant Piro. We are playing at The Alex theatre and GPAC in Geelong.

Thanks for chatting with us Pia you are an absolute delight!

With love, MSN xx

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