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Connie Sharpe is the founder and creative genius of online interior decor business, The Timba Trend. She has amazing style, a laid back attitude and 2 gorgeous little boys (with some seriouslly stylish bedrooms).

We were lucky enough to chat with Connie and loved hearing about how hard work really does pay off.


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Who are you a Super Mum to (and how old are they)?

I'm a mummy to Kurt & Kyle. Kurt is my first baby and he is 5, then I've got baby Kyle, my second bubs who is 9 months old.

Connie working with her Timba Trend rangeThe idea for The Timba Trend came to you and your hubby after a trip to Bunnings. Now you have an amazing range, a great social following and are featured in some pretty cool bedrooms! Tell us about your journey and how you find your creative inspiration...

The journey really did start from a trip to Bunnings! I went and bought some timber so hubby could make things I desperately wanted but couldn't buy. Months went on with him constantly urging me to back myself and start selling them. I'd always shrug it off telling him not to be so stupid! One day, I gave in and I've never looked back. It's not only the consumer side of things that has made this journey a success, but also the friendships made with other Insta mums. The support that is out there for one another is amazing, there needs to be more of it in the world.
I get my creative inspiration mostly from my own home. I think to myself, I want something to go in this corner, or what could work really well over here. Next thing, the tools come out and before I know it I've got myself a new magazine rack for the lounge room, a new poster board for all my prints or new toys for the boys to play with.

Any secrets on how you fit in designing new pieces, creating your products, running a business, and looking after 2 small kids? 

The juggle is tough. Some days I wonder myself, how on earth am I doing this. It looks like a breeze in the park online but all the behind the scenes stuff is crazy. I not only run create all my pieces and run the online shop but I have a blog, styling service, two boys, run a household and have an endless list of errands (just like everyone else). It's tough. I don't know if I have any secrets but I do always prioritise. I focus on the most important job, work away at it that and move onto the next. I must admit it may be 11pm by the time it's all done but I get there in the end [laughs somewhat manically!]

Being so busy what is your non-negotiables when it comes to family time? 

After battling through the early days of business when it got that bad we didn’t even have time to cook the family dinner (it was that bad) we finally had enough.
So we drew up a roster and my god do I make sure it’s stuck to!
Workshop doors are now only opened between 9-4 Monday to Friday shut on the weekend - no exceptions. I head into the workshop when baby Kyle has his day rests and also 3 nights a week. Having this routine has allowed for all the family fun times and time to cook nutritious meals for dinner.

What is the best part about raising kids on the surf coast?

Definitely the view! People dream of holidaying in these beautiful places but we've got it right here, where we live. Plus there's always something to do, see and explore right in our backyard. I will never leave.

Connie and kids living on the surf coast

You have a beautiful aesthetic in all your images that often feature your 2 little boys… How much negotiation does it take to get these amazing shots?

[Laughs out load] With Kurt, it comes with bribes. "Kurt, let me get a photo of you and you can have a lolly" "Kurt just smile please and I'll give you a gold coin" Kurt hates photos. Hates hates hates them! Kyle is easy because he's so young, but I've got to quickly snap 50 shots so I can get one that hasn't blurred from him moving. I’m often singing his favourite song while shooting him so he will look my way and smile!

Any tips / tricks for the budding Instagram mums wanting to get that great shot?

There's no easy way, there really isn’t. I've found bribery to work wonders for Kurt and singing helps with Kyle haha! Quickly take a heap of photos, cull them down and pick the best one.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I've received is "Offend or please". It's a tough one, but I've had to take it on board as I was constantly wrapped up in people pleasing which was getting me nowhere but in a rutt. I do nothing but offer love and support to only have it thrown away. Not going to lie, it's tough advice to stick to when your heart is so open to people, but you can only be torn down so many times before you question peoples intentions.

What does the future hold for The Timba Trend and your family?

Timba Trend holds some exciting new moves coming up. A partnership will happen, I've got some collaborations in the works with some brilliant Insta mums, I've got new product designs on the sketch pad, I've got some new tools to broaden our range of wares. It’s only onwards and upwards from here!


Thanks for the chat Connie and for your amazing products...


Love MSN xx

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