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This week’s Super Mum has beautified some of Australia's most famous celebrities (uh um, Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins to name a few).

She is a super stylish make-up artist, Op shop enthusiast and artist, with creativity seeping from her pores (which are amazing by the way ;-)

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat to Tanya, aka The Make Up Mummy about all things beauty, parenting love and life.

Enjoy, MSN xxoo

Who are you a Super Mum to?

Eva is 7 and Josiah is 3.

What was your first job in make-up, how did you get into it?

I got a job accidently in make-up. I was studying Fine Arts in Painting at RMIT and working part-time as a receptionist in a hair dressing salon (NB. This is where I met my hubby Vito!). The owner asked me if I was interested in doing make-up, he was like well you paint, so why not paint a face!
So I just picked up a brush and starting doing make-up, I had absolutely no training. I got to start working on faces straight away working in that salon, so I was very lucky.
It was a great accident!

You have worked on the faces of Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale, Jennifer Hawkins and our personal favourite, Abbey Lee from the US show ‘Dance Moms’. Who is your favourite celeb to work for?

Well that’s a tough one, but I’d have to say Jessica Mauboy, she is just so sweet!
There are some people that are just really hilarious, like Laurina from the Bachelor and Gamble & Jacqui from Real Housewives of Melbourne.
But Jess Mauboy is memorable. She is just so normal and really kind. I think what I love most about her is I would be in her room doing her hair and she would just break out in a Myriah Carey song. Then she would immediately apologise and everyone would say, please keep going!

She asked me things about my family, followed me on Instagram straight away, she even wrote my daughter a letter. So her kindness is what makes her a stand out for me.


A photo of of The Make Up Mummy with Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gamble

You have a great sense of style and love an Op shop purchase. Please give us some tips on how to find that amazing designer piece in an op shop...

First of all you need a day off when you have nothing else to do, easy to do right?! You have to take the time to look at every individual piece of clothing, one by one. Most of the time you’ll walk in and all you’ll see is a heap of old clothes jammed in together. The great clothes are never going to jump out at you so be prepared to search, they are always hiding!


Are there any Op shops that are absolute gems to visit?

Helping Hands Mission are amazing, all their clothes are super cheap. They have 3 different op shops, all in warehouses, which are close to where I live… Winning! My husband will ring me and say are you at that warehouse again? He can always hear the old school radio playing in the background when I try and tell a white lie!
They also have a boutique store in Keilor East that has heaps of amazing brands for around $20, I purchased a Sass & Bide jacket there for $25. It can be hit and miss, but definitely worth a look. The Vinnies in Maribyrnong has given me some great finds also.

You were recently regrammed by the Salvos, you must be proud?! LOLs

Yes, I’ve made the big time, reposted with one of my Salvos purchases!!!

What are your 3 must do beauty tips?

Un-necessary facial hair – you need to get rid of it!
Rose Hip Oil – Rub it into your face before bed.
Mascara – Everyone must wear mascara, it is critical.

Can I add one more? No lip liner WITHOUT lipstick!

What is a fashion trend you wish never existed?

Leggings as pants – everyone knows it, it’s true! You should only wear leggings as pants if you are 3 and under. Leggings are not pants.

Although your hubby, Vito, is no longer a hairdresser he is still a very creative fella. With 2 creative personalities under the one roof, do you guys every clash?

Um everyday… I’m Greek, he’s Italian, you do the math!
I think people who say they don’t fight, well, they’re lying! We are both crazy and creative yet completely different.. We are like the couple from the movie ‘Along came Polly’, Vito is Ben Stiller weighing up the risks and taking forever to make a decision. Whereas I’m like Jennifer Anniston, much more fly by the seat of my pants let’s not make too many plans kind of girl.
So that causes arguments!
It’s funny because at first you fall in love with each other because of the opposites.
We have been married for 14years, I was married at 21 so I think we are now just working it out. I believe that’s most people’s reality though.

If you could say something to your pre-parent self what would you say?

I was a very relaxed person pre-kids and probably still am, so maybe I would tell myself to read a parenting book, I had no idea!
I was just way too underprepared and it was such a shock when I had Eva.

Now you’re a mum yourself are there any things you say to Eva and Josiah that your mum used to say to you, and you swore you would never repeat!?

My mum would always say “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you, so just do it”. And I now repeat that all the time. Eva always tries to negotiate with me, she will say if I do this for you, can I get that? And I’m like, I’m not asking you I’m telling you – go now!

What do you see in Eva that is all YOU?

She gets bored WAY too quickly. She’s forever asking what are we doing now, what are we doing after that and then after that!

What’s the best parenting advice that has worked for you?

Go with your gut and do whatever works for you. You will only do something until you cannot do it anymore (not when someone tells you not to), so just do what works for you. I rocked Eva to sleep until she was 18months old, and then I just couldn’t anymore as she was too heavy!
Mind you with the second child I thought, I ain’t doing that again! So you learn wisdom from it, but you just have to roll with the punches when it comes to parenting. Every kid is different and everyone’s life is so different, so you can’t mimic anyone else’s choices.

Any advice that you have received that you don’t agree with?

It’s not parenting advise but I really don’t like the saying ‘I can forgive but I cannot forget.’
If you don’t forget then you can never move on. I’m not saying be besties with someone that has upset you, but if you never forget then you will always be harbouring it.

We love your posts and attitude to life, it’s no judgement and very humble. What is your main mantra for keeping it real?

I believe the scariest thing you can do is actually be truthful to who you are. If you can reflect that and be truthful to other people, but always with love, than that’s great.
I just try to live a life of truth and find that will always keep me happy, and I always remember I’m not that fabulous!


Well you’re pretty fabulous to us Tanya, thanks for a wonderful chat (where we accomplished everything except world peace!) and thanks for being our Super Mum of the week…

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