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Is this face all too familiar to you?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Whether you’re a mother, father, nanny or babysitter, we’ve all seen that look.

The "You can't make me eat this” face, is one dreaded by many. And no matter what you say or do, the response to trying something new is almost always a resounding no.

So how do you deal with a fussy eater? Glad you asked. We've come up with the top tips for handling even the toughest of fussy eaters.


Encourage your kids to get involved in the kitchen 

Kids love to get involved, particularly in the kitchen. And whilst this doesn’t also translate to peace of mind to mums & dads, it can certainly pay off if you’re having trouble getting your troops to eat a variety of foods. Kids are always more likely to eat something that they made themselves, so allow them to help you in the kitchen, provided you've got a glass of red to keep you sane if needs be.

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Resist the Snacks

Yes this is a tricky one, particularly if you’ve got a “threenager”, however, if you can keep the snacks to a minimum, when it comes to meal time, the kids will have less energy to worry about being fussy, and may surprise themselves by trying something new.


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Avoid paying attention to unwelcome behaviour

An easy trap to fall into is paying too much attention to a child who refuses to eat. Paying attention to a fussy eater's grumbles will result in him continuing to behave poorly. Instead, attempt to encourage him to try it, and if he continues to refuse, leave it and move on.


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Keep trying

Just because your little one said no the first time to broccoli, there’s no harm in trying again (at another meal). You may not be successful the second time around, but give it a few go’s, and you may find that your child eventually gives in, and most likely ends up liking it. Changing up the way you serve the food, such as roasting broccoli instead of steaming it, may also result in a success.


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Don't force it

At the end of the day, if you have tried multiple times to encourage your kid to try a certain food, and they continue to refuse it, that’s okay! Just ride it out, and know that as long as you can include a good variety of foods in that diet, regardless of whether that includes broccoli or not, you’re still doing a fabulous job.


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Love, LBL x

Credits to LondonMums Magazine for the covre image: http://londonmumsmagazine.com/mums-tips/feeding-the-family/fussy-eaters-worried/

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