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Fifteen confirmed cases of measles in Melbourne’s north, north-western and eastern suburbs have caused concern amongst the community, according to Victoria’s Health and Service Department.


It has been confirmed that most of those infected reside in the inner north of Melbourne, including Brunswick, East Brunswick, Brunswick West and Preston.


Additionally, two people linked to Swinburne University’s Hawthorn Campus have also been confirmed as being infected with the disease.


Measles is highly infectious, and can result in serious illness in young children, as well as adults. In some cases, patients need to be hospitalised.


Source: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/melbourne-measles-outbreak-spread-another-confirmed-case-in-brunswick-20160224-gn27f1.html 


Acting Chief Health Office Dr Roscoe Taylor has stated that although the disease is now uncommon in Australia because immunisation from measles is now widespread, it is still important to continue vaccinating against the disease as travellers can bring the disease with them from overseas. 


Peter McIntyre, the director of the National Centre of Immunisation Research and Surveillance, conducted research across almost 1500 post codes in Australia, that revealed that 44% of these suburbs have immunisation rates that are below 95 per cent. Hence, these ‘pockets of people who aren’t immunised’ essentially allow for such an outbreak.


Children and adults under the age of 50 who have not had two measles vaccinations are considered to be the most at risk.


Health authorities highly recommend that those who have not been vaccinated should be vaccinated immediately.




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