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We caught up with Super Muma Jessica Sette this week on what it's like to juggle life, business and her cute-as-a-button baby, Axel.

Super Muma to?
My 10mth old little man Axel.

What has being a Mum taught you?
To relax a little! Not everything can and will be perfect. The bed can’t be made every day and that is ok! It has also taught me to be more efficient and just focus my time on what matters most.

What is your day job?
I am Founder & Director of Romper Stomper Kids, an online store for cool baby & kids shoe brands from around the globe.

Never would you...
Skip my morning coffee. I am a completely different person once I have had it. 

Words you live by….
Believe in what you are doing. In every moment and in every activity in your life, believe that it is the most important thing for you and you will put all of the right energy, focus and attention into it.

Stop and smell the roses

Best advice you've been given over the years?
Learn to listen, whether it’s with a friend, family member or business colleague, it is a very important skill to have and helps you to better communicate.

Best baby product?
Weleda baby skincare. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and the nappy cream works a treat!

What or who inspires you?
It sounds cliché, but my baby boy! He has inspired me to refocus my priorities in life and is the inspiration behind the Romper Stomper brand. He also makes me feel really thankful for what I have in my life and gives me the drive to get up and get on with enjoying every day to the fullest. 
I am also really inspired by “mumpreneurs”. In starting my business I have been able to meet so many wonderful mums starting children’s clothing labels, interiors and other products.  I commend them for juggling kids and working really hard. I say, if you’re passionate about something, please, follow your dreams because it is so extremely rewarding to do something for yourself that also gives you good work-life balance.

You would never leave home without...?
My diary. I can’t function without my to-do list. That and a million baby wipes. They fix everything!

Top 3 beauty tips
1. Chanel foundation, bronzer and mascara. It's my weekday routine and my little 2min indulgence. Mascara always makes me feel and look more awake!
2. Drink lots of water.
3. Antioxidant rich foods: Dark chocolate, strawberries & green tea.
How do you keep fit?
Yoga, bikram yoga & pilates. Also walking the pram and holding my 10kg little boy all the time!

Current trend you love?
Metallics worked back with neutrals. I like this in fashion, home décor and the shoes I select for the Romper Stomper store!

What's in store for you for 2016?
I have some big plans for Romper Stomper Kids over 2016 so I want to focus on building the business, getting in some awesome new brands and expanding our range. I also want to get into some fun activities with Axel like swimming classes and Mini Maestros. If we have time, a family holiday would be really nice. Hint hint hubby…

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