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You're a Super Muma to?

Super Ted  – 8 months old


What has your son taught you in the last few months?

That being a parent is by far the hardest thing but the best thing I have ever done. It is the most exhausting yet so rewarding, it is so busy, yet when you stop and take in the simple joy of giggling at one another in the mirror or doing a silly dance to get a rise out of your child you see that taking a step back and stopping is so important. That you don’t need to spend money on expensive toys as your child will be just as happy if not happier to push a plastic container around the house! That being a mum is something I will never take for granted.


Super Muma


Who inspires you?

Other mums. I think all mums out there are just amazing. Having one child is hard work and when I see muma’s that have 2, 3 or more kids I just don’t know how they do it! Hats off to all mumas!


Prior to your son you worked at Aurora Spa as a Client Service Manager. Firstly, you must miss the pros of working here… and secondly, how have you found the transition working into motherhood?

Yes, I must admit before Ted came along I didn’t mind a treatment or 2 and being just me to look after I did just that! I use to love my monthly mani and pedi! As I was there for 8 years going on Maternity leave was a new chapter to my life and one I was so excited about. It’s funny before having Ted I would dream of going on Maternity leave and how ‘relaxing’ it would be… what was I thinking!! I now look back at my job and think how relaxing that was! But I wouldn’t change my life now for anything.


Super Muma


Your husband, Alby, owns two restaurants in Melbourne. This must keep the family busy and full?! 

Yes busy would be an understatement. Life is pretty full at the moment. It can be pretty hard when you are on your own day and night but you just have to keep going and know that it won’t always be like this. The time we do spend as a family I just love and the way Ted’s face lights up when he sees his dad come home melts my heart.


What are you favourite things to do with Ted?

One of my favourite things to do with him is to copy what he does, I love getting down to his level and crawling on the ground with him, discovering new places around the house, looking out the window and appreciating the way the leaves are blowing, or the tram that is going past. To take in all the simple things in life we are all too busy to notice. I love watching his little curious mind process everything. I love watching him grow and learn. 


Super Muma


What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there?

Trust yourself!!


What is your best beauty tip?

Well before Ted came along I would have had a list of things that I religiously did but now it is just the simple things that make my day. Every night before bed I have a long hot shower and it is my time. There is nothing better than getting into bed feeling clean and warm. My morning shower has become more of a jump in jump out kind of shower some mornings I don’t even get a chance to shower… ewwwww!


Never again will I.... Think that mumas have an easy job!!


Super Muma


How can we find you?

Facebook – Bec Tomassi

Instagram – bec.tomassi

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