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For years pregnant women have been told that they should not eat during labour and that it can be harmful to you and the baby. However, a recent study from the American Society of Anesthesiologists shows that most healthy pregnant women may actually benefit from eating a light meal during labour.


For years it has been “no food or liquid” as there is a risk of inhaling in into your lungs especially if you go under a general anesthesia. But some mums suggest that simply sucking on an icy pole is not enough.


After analysing hundreds of recent studies the researches discovered that these mums in labour require a similar amount of calories and energy of marathon runners. If the mums can’t eat during there whole labour which can be as long as 30 hours their bodies will start using fat as an energy source.


By allowing the expectant mothers more choices during labour and possibly having a light meal it will help them be less calorie deficient and provide better energy during the labour. Fasting during labour could cause emotional stress and contribute to fetal distress.


Not all obstetricians are going to be quick to change their protocol but it is definitely something that healthy expectant mothers to discuss with their anesthesiologist and obstetrician prior to their due date. A light meal including fruit, light soup, toast or a light sandwich, juice and water may just help some mums during labour. Others might find that they lose their appetite all together during labour but some juice or water throughout it might be nice! Every labour is different and at the end of the day.


Wishing all you mumas and mumas to be a healthy and safe labour!


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