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You're a Super Muma to?

 16 month old Elle.


What has your daughter taught you in the last few months?

 My daughter has taught me to stop and appreciate the little things in life, whether it’s stopping to smell the flowers (which Elle does A LOT) or simply enjoying the sunshine at the park. She has taught me to be happy with what we have been blessed with in life.


Super Muma


Who inspires you?

My parents. They are the most caring, patient, respectful, helpful and wonderful people in the world. They sacrificed so many things in their lives for our happiness. It wasn’t till I had Elle that I really started to appreciate everything they did.


You have recently returned back to work as a Consultant Engineer. Sounds like a demanding job. How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family?

I am lucky enough to have been offered part time work, three days a week in my field. I am not going to lie, I get a lot of help and will forever be grateful to my parents and my inlaws. They baby-sit her for the three days. That being said, it is still exhausting. I have started working from 7.30-4pm, so that I can race home and give Elle dinner, play with her, prepare our dinner and then put her to bed at night….. A slow cooker really helps!!


For the three days that I work, i aim to get my work done so that I can get home and spend quality time with my daughter. In a way this is harder, because for those three days, I am working pretty hard. No long coffee breaks or lunches…. Quick breaks so I can achieve what I am there to do a standard that I am happy with, so that the remaining days of the week are spent having fun with Elle!


Hats off to mothers working Full-Time… Part-Time is hard enough!


Super Muma


You are a very active Muma. What are your favourite hobbies?

I love playing with Elle at the park (weather permitting) and play centres. We also enjoy going for walks together… These walks get longer and longer though as she has become so curious!!

When Elle sleeps, I exercise at home. I follow the Kayla Itsines exercise regime and am really loving the challenge. This is probably my favourite pass time.


I also enjoy spending time with friends!


What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear in life is failure… that and spiders!!!!


What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there?

Having good time management skills is key! Plan ahead and plan for E V E R Y T H I N G. As mentioned, invest in a slow cooker! This will help you prepapring yummy dinners for the entire family!


Also, learn how to switch off. Leave work at work and enjoy playing with your children. Enjoy every stage of their lives, and stop focusing on the next milestone because you end up missing all the fun getting there!!


Super Muma


What is your best beauty tip?

Take off all of your make up before you go to sleep and invest in a great moisturiser!


Never again will I....

Judge another person’s parenting methods!!! Before we had Elle, I would always say things like “when I have a baby, I would never….”…… definitely will NEVER do that again!


Super Muma


How can we find you?

Facebook – Stacey Stavridis

Instagram – Stacey Stav

Gmail – Stacey.Stavridis@gmail.com

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