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We better not leave the little babies behind when we are doing our Lunchbox Legends. They too need to start on their solids!

Babies naturally have a sweet tooth so they will definitely love this puree which has its own natural sweetness to it!

It is a great source of dietary fibre and full of vitamin A and C. Your baby will love this and for sure they will gobble it down!



1 small potato

1 small carrot

1 small sweet potato

1 cob of corn



  1. Simply boil and soften vegetables and then puree with a wizzer
  2. Alternatively you can puree the vegetables separately and combine at last minute
  1. Save over the left overs of each vegetable and store in freezer. Freezing time is 6 weeks. This way you can mix up when you put in your babies meals.
  2. Can also store in ice cube containers - roughly one cube is a serving for a little bub
  3. Also try mixing cinnamon with sweet potato, cumin with carrots, paprika with cauliflower, fresh mint and peas and ginger with pear.


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