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You're a Super Muma to?

Poppy  2 and Clover 8wks


What have your daughters taught you in the last few months?

That Miracles do happen.

That innocence is something that should be nurtured for as long as we possibly can.  To throw away all our inhibitions and JUST BE.  Babies are so beautiful to watch in that sense….they seriously do just “Dance Like no ones watching, Love like they will never get hurt”.  When I grow up I want to be just like my 2 year old;)



Who inspires you?

As Cliché as it may sound, My husband…He wears so many different hats in my life and he wears them all perfectly.  He is my best friend, my soul mate and the most incredible devoted father.


You are the proud owner of Restaurant Hawthorn Common with your gorgeous Husband. How have you found starting a delicious café and working together?

We have worked together going on 10 years now so we have had plenty of time to work out how we “fit”.  We both know and acknowledge each other’s strengths and thankfully they compliment the others.

We not only have a beautiful relationship but are lucky enough to work strongly and confidently with each other heading in the same direction.


How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family?

Mostly with great difficulty….  I work really hard at being overly organized, it’s the only way I seem to fit it all in.  My most recent challenge I have set for myself is to be completely present in whatever I am doing, whether its playing with the girls or doing the dishes to be in that moment totally. 

With such a hectic schedule I’ve realized its about quality not so much the quantity……This however is still a work in progress

I’m a bit of a devoted yogi which helps me to center myself ….Breathe.  When the Balance breaks down, it all breaks down.



What is your biggest fear?

Not being able to protect my beautiful girls from all the nasties out there.


What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there?

Advice is cheap.  Follow your heart.  You know what to do.  My mother in law always refers to “the Book” you give birth to when you have your baby…. The book of intuition…..your intuition… you cant go wrong with that.


What is your best beauty tip?

I’m a big believer of radiating from the inside out.  You are what you eat.  That along side a big beautiful Smile and a wholesome heart it’s a pretty impressive package.



Never again will I....

Leave the house without hugging Danny and my girls and telling them I love them.


What's in store for 2015?

Waiting to hear Poppy’s Menagerie of words turn into beautiful sentences and hear what she sounds like ;) To Watch Clover start to awaken to this world and move her body.  Watching there development is the most exciting thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Looking forward to many exciting major events in the coming months at Hawthorn Common….Wine Dinners, Chef’s tables, Coffee Roasting Classes and not to mention the return of our Much Loved Yoga on the deck.

With So many exciting Functions Filling up the bookings book its going to be a big year!!!



How can we find you?

www.hawthorncommon.com or Sian@hawthorncommon.com


Or on instagram




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