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A mum, a business woman, a student, a crazed chocolate fan, a friend, a lover, a morning screamer, a baby lover, a supporter, a chicken owner, a wine appreciator, a sister and someone who needs a cleaner!


You're a Super Muma to?

 Taylor who is 6 going on 14, and Morgan who is 5 and refuses to grow up.


What have your daughters taught you in the last few months?

WOW, so much! It always amazes me that as adults we seek the meaning of life, and we lack to realize we can always find it through the eyes of our children.


My girls and me, we are the three musketeers. I have been a sole parent since my youngest was one, walking away from the once bad boy teen crush turned into an unhealthy turbulent craze. They were my strength and continue to be! It truly became evident that love is not anything but those small moments.


We never had money to do “fun stuff” and it became a constant toil to say “mummy doesn’t have the money for that”. We learnt together that our path was a bit different and we soon learnt to find happiness in those little things. Flower picking would have to be our sweetest moments.


Through our struggles I returned to study, a bachelor degree of nursing! Text books became our night time reading and mummy’s study time was soon learnt to the girls as “mum keep studying and one day we will live in a home with a garden”! They supported me through my growth, and I can’t wait to give it back!


Who inspires you?

Woman inspire me. What we are, what we offer and what we give.



You are the founder of WONDERWOMAN Children. Can give us more of an insight on what this is about?

I sure can! It’s my business baby! It soon became obvious to me that I have a huge passion to support parents, families and child carers by providing education!


Through my adventures as a mother, also to two premature unwell babies, as a neonatal nanny, as a student, a public speaker and as a first aid educator it became obvious what information and education does to people.


Currently WONDERWOMAN Children offer first aid education, safety promotion and injury prevention and soon to come, lots lots more! It is our vision to open a centre of education for parents, a place where you can have a coffee with us, learn from us and laugh with us!


We aim to empower and support anyone that cares for children and do this is a fun and proactive way!


How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family?

Oh this is a funny one! On the surface it may seem like I do, but let me tell you that all part of the facade. I am the first to admit I am making business calls whilst hiding from my children in the wardrobe, half straightening my hair to look like I have actually got organised in the morning or wearing pyjamas whilst on a school run! But that’s what so fun about it and that’s why us mummas are so amazing in business. The captains of organized chaos.



What is your biggest fear? 

My biggest fear is to live in oblivion. I once said to my grandmother as a little girl, “one day there will be a statue of me because I helped so many people”.


What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there? 

Be honest. It saddens me that I have worked with so many mothers who live in isolation in fear of admitting how bloody hard it can be to be a parent. That’s what WONDERWOMAN Children is and will continue to be about. We will grow to give this support.


Be the first to stand up and say, OH MY GOSH….where is that wine? I know I am!



What is your best beauty tip? 

Funny you ask, before I entered the world of seriousness and responsibility, I was a commercial make up artist, published in some of the fanciest fashionista magazines and working with some top notch creatives.


My must haves and sole make up routine now, is bb cream (my glowing savior), mascara, eyebrow pencil and bronzer! Oh and of course, this natural tanned glow – thanks to the miraculous Mancine tan!


Never again will I.... 

I think I have learnt from too many new years eve promises that I can never say never. There’s lots of I hope not too’s…


That’s like the “I will never eat the girls easter eggs before easter morning”. I break that one all the time!



What's in store for 2015? 

Everyone knowing about WONDERWOMAN Children!


How can we find you?

Please find us!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/wonderwomanchildren

Website: www.wonderwomanchildren.com

Email: wonderwomanchildren@gmail.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/wonderwomanchildren/


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