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You're a Super Muma to?

My cheeky little daughter, Bobbi, 11 months.


What has your daughter taught you in the last few months?

To be more patient! To live in the moment, be present and enjoy the special moments we get to share together as the time just flies by, she is almost 1 already!

To laugh more. Bobbi cracks Nath and I up everyday, nothing makes me happier than laughing with those two



Who inspires you? 

My mum (mother of three), she has been dealt a few curly ones in her time, and she takes everything in her stride. She always carries herself with strength and grace in situations when many others wouldn’t be able to. She is always kind and tries to see the best in people, she is a wonderful inspiration for me and a great role model for me and Bobbi alike.


My husband Nathan, he is one of the most hard working, driven people I know. His commitment, drive, dedication and loyalty to his work and his family is inspirational and makes me very proud!


You are the proud founder and creative director of the label Jerri Jones. Can you tell us more about your fashion label?

My label, JERRI.JONES, showcases quality wardrobe basics.

Personally I was frustrated that i couldn’t find high quality, reasonably priced leather apparel, in simple, classic designs - i found the options were either $2000+ or mass produced, cheap, trend focussed high street alternatives.


My goal was to create a label with a minimal aesthetic and a focus on fine details to create foundation pieces that could easily service any wardrobe, with a reasonable price point!


I  launched the label in 2014, with a couple of classic leather pieces, and I have some new leather pieces and silk basics launching soon.  Each garment is devoted to showcasing premium quality materials, finishing and classic design and they are only produced in limited quantities (so you won’t see every second girl in the same clothes as you!).


My personal style is simple, classic and features a lot of black white and grey. For my label, I wanted to pave a road away from trend focussed, disposable, ‘fast fashion’ and instead rediscover the appeal of simplicity and longevity and quality pieces that are worth investing in.


I launched the website a week before i had Bobbi, crazy timing and not ideal but that’s just how it ended up panning out!



How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family?

Nath and Bobbi are my priority first and foremost. I have structured the business to work in with and around our family, so that I am at home with Bobbi everyday. I am lucky that my husband has a different day off each week, so he can help me with Bobbi, or my mum when she can too, and I can run out for the day doing various errands and meetings that are too tricky with Bobbi in tow.

It’s definitely a juggle, but I am so blessed to be able spend every day with Bobbi and also work on my business when I can (when she sleeps, I have help or at night!)  


Your husband Nathan Jones is Captain of the good old Melbourne Football Club. Do you still manage to get to the games with Bobbi? Or do you need to find a Nanny on My Super Nanny!?!

When Bobbi was born last year and she was a tiny newborn I made it to a few games and she slept the whole time! Now this season, we have been to the games and Bobbi is so frightened by the crowd and the loud noises, she is hysterical! So it has been challenging, and I’m sure it will take time for her to get used to it. In the meantime we just got some headphones to test out! fingers crossed!



What is your biggest fear?

Not being with my family.


What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there?

Really just to listen to yourself and do what’s best for you and your family and not worry about all the advice and difference of opinions that gets thrown your way. I am a big believer in “each to their own”


What is your best beauty tip?

  • Good eyebrows, never underestimate how much they affect how your face looks! My fav eyebrow pencil is by hourglass from Mecca.
  • Liquid Gold by Alpha H, it’s a great overnight glycolic treatment, you wake up glowing!
  • Always take your makeup off before bed!



Never again will I....

Try not to hang onto anything, every mistake I have made is learning!


What's in store for 2015?

Working on growing my business and adding new pieces to my label, JERRI.JONES.


Later in the year, a trip to Turkey to visit my leather apparel manufacturer with the family which I am very excited about!


Planning our home renovation for 2016.


Potentially starting to think about growing our family with a brother or sister for Bobbi!



How can we find you?

website: www.jerrijones.com.au

instagram: @jerrijones_thelabel     and  @jerri_jones

facebook: J-E-R-R-I-J-O-N-E-S-the-label



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