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You're a Super Mama to?

Jett 3 and Jaxen 6


What have your sons taught you in the last few months?

Jaxen is an expert lego and tenkai Night builder so he teaches me now! He also taught me the word 'onomatopoeia' today, which i had to look up to remind myself what it meant! 

Jett has taught me that it is possible for him to sit still for more than an hour! Which was demonstrated when he was memorized by a magician I hired for his 3rd birthday last weekend.



You have been a very successful model and have a blog called ‘Model To Mum’. Can you give us more of an insight on what your blog is about?

Model to Mum (and back again) is a blog I started after having my second baby Jetty. 

I began to lose my baby weight, which was substantial on my own and took a few photos of my meals on Facebook friends were asking me for recipes so I decided to create a page to share my easy recipes online. 

I started with the Facebook but now have Instagram and modeltomum.com where I share a couple recipes a month.

I am currently studying Nutrition and Personal training and hope to be writing nutrition and training programs for mums and women by early next year. 


*check out our Lunchbox Legends blog tomorrow to see what Monica puts in her kids Lunchboxes! 



How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family?

Being a single mum is a constant juggle between working/studying and my boys. We have our most important time together every night at dinner and when we climb on to Jaxen's bed for story time and cuddles each night. 

Most mornings they make good little alarm clocks too, coming into my bed at 7am for a morning cuddle before school. 


What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear would be if my children weren’t happy. Their happiness is priority and I always hope that they would tell me if something was bothering them. I encourage sharing especially with my eldest Jaxen as he is at school age.



What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there?

The best advice I could give other mums is not to give advice. Everyone parents different and what works for you may not work for another as long as you are full of love you are doing the best you can.



What is your best beauty tip?

My number one of two beauty tips is and has remained the same since I was in high school is number one water! I always drink plenty of it and my go to thirst quencher is always water. I don't drink processed juice or soft drink.

Followed closely by tip two, I have only ever washed my face using Cetaphil and I swear by it. It is PH balanced to your skin and ultra gentle. I use the moisturizer as a makeup remover. 



Never again will I....

I don't regret anything; life is what you learn from your mistakes. Grow and move on.


How can we find you?



Insta: monica___ross or search 

model to mum


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