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You're a Super Mama to?  

Olivia Marie 5 

Jack William 2  

Macy Rose 10 months 


What have your children taught you in the last few months?  

Patience and to enjoy every minute. Olivia is already 5 and I have 3 children, at times I'm like woah when did that happen!!!  



Who inspires you?   

My mum, she just seems to be able to do everything all the time. She should be featured as a Super Nanna!!! 


How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family?  

My children are my priority so at this stage I don't really work much. In my free time I blog and respond to emails from my blog but I don't see that as work, it's really rewarding to help people going through similar experiences I have. 



You have been an inspiration to other mothers and openly speak about your Post Natal Depression you suffered after your first-born, Olivia. Can you give us more of an insight on this and your experience?   

I guess I just tried to be everything to everyone all the time and was afraid to say something wasn't quite right. I felt like failure, I had a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl who slept 12 hours a night from 6 weeks old. I had a husband who loved me, a beautiful home and amazing friends. Something was missing, I felt at times like I wasn't in my body and I couldn't explain it. I tried so many doctors and medical experts. All the test results kept coming back normal so I kept pushing on, after 18 months of debilitating dizziness and nausea, I finally broke down and asked for help. At that stage I still didn’t know what was wrong but started medication and counseling and finally was diagnosed with PND. It was very difficult to tell my family and friends but once I did everything started getting easier. The support was always there I was just too afraid to ask for help. 


Not only did you suffer from PND you also experienced an ectopic pregnancy before your second child. What advice can you give to those who are pregnant or in the early stages of pregnancy?   

I have endometriosis so I was always at a higher risk of having an ectopic pregnancy and I have also has 2 miscarriages. What I have learnt from this is that there was nothing I could've done to avoid what happened. If you are fit and healthy that is all you can do, nature has a way of knowing when something is not right with the baby. "Early pregnancy loss usually happens because the embryo is not developing as it should. Chromosome problems are thought to be the most common cause. These problems usually happen for no obvious reason." (Quote from www.thebabycentre.com.au)  




What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mumas out there?  

- Let go of expectations 

- Trust your instincts, no one knows their children like their Mumma 

- Be kind to yourself 


What is your best beauty tip?  

Use sunscreen everyday!!! 



Never again will I....  

Eat a Kebab, I had food poisoning 8 years ago and I just can't bring myself to eat one 


What's in store for 2015?  

I am in the process of becoming an Ambassador for Beyond Blue, which is really exciting. 

I am also a skin Ambassador for www.skincentre.com.au

I am about to help The Nappy Collective, collect, sort and organise unused disposable for mothers and children in need crisis www.thenappycollective.com.au.  

As well as writing my blog and raising 3 children that should keep me pretty busy, I think. 



How can we find you? 

I write a blog called www.thegoodthebadtheunspoken.com 

Instagram : @kylie_m_brown 

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