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You're a Super Mama to?

Hunter William Hayes


Hunter is divine! What a little munchkin. What has he taught you in the last few months?

To be patient, have fun, and to enjoy life’s special moments. We laugh daily and have a lot of fun exploring the world together. I love teaching him new things.



Who inspires you?

People around me constantly inspire me. When people face struggles and come out of these hard times with a positive attitude – to people who love the skin they are in- to people who follow their dreams – to people who work on themselves to improve their quality of life.


So many people (in my life or who I hear about) inspire me with their growth, bravery, choices and hard work.


You have recently launched your blog All About Her. Can you give us more insight on what it is about?

I started off with a collection of topics we all love from beauty, fashion and lifestyle and even threw in some interviews on some local women and their interesting professional stories.


In 2015 I am reflecting and sharing my own personal journey of being a mother so a lot of my posts will be based on motherhood and my experiences and choices.


The blog also has a shop so I can sell things I personally own and love.




How do you keep a balance between your work life and life with your family? 

My boys always come first, so I build my work around their schedules and routines. I get most of my writing done when Hunter is asleep.

I don’t think there is such a thing called balance, as we all have to sacrifice something in the end whether it is doing housework, training, sleeping or rest in order to get everything done for the day. Being organized helps a lot and yes I have become one of those ‘daily whiteboard planners’. We all have our weekly schedules on it and I even put each meal I am cooking for each day of the week so I don’t have to think about what I am going to cook. This also helps with food waste and also budgeting.


Your footy legend of a husband, Lenny Hayes retired from football at the end of last season. Is it a nice change to have him home and not running off for preseason football?

Yes, especially on weekends as we now have Hunter to share them with. I must say I was always used to him working public holidays and weekends and can honestly say it didn’t bother me. Nothing compares to watching someone you adore love what he/she does for a living, you feel so proud and happy for him or her. He was the first person I had ever met that was living his dream and that in itself was so inspiring to me.



What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mamas out there?

*Accept help and support when it is offered

*Listen to yourself

*Trust yourself and your instinct

*Be proud of yourself and the job you are doing

*Be kind to yourself


So far my experience has taught me to always trust my gut instinct and try not to listen to every bit of advice that’s thrown my way. I found as a first time mother my confidence was low, I had no idea what I was doing so I was sensitive and I didn’t back myself and my decisions. I tried to do everything myself as I find it hard asking for help, but that really didn’t help me in the end and it can build resentment which is nasty. You need to focus on your babies needs and look after yourself; the rest can be done by a loved one or left for another day. Remember to be kind to yourself.


What is your best beauty tip?

I would have to say inner health. Healthy food, exercise, sleep and drink lots of water. Most of the time I don’t have time to wear make up let alone brush my hair; not a very glamorous answer I know but its true… I wear a nude face. I believe if you are healthy on the inside it will shine and show on the outside. An added bonus is energy so you will have more if you are healthy plus your eyes are whiter and your skin shines. My daily routine is a good moisturiser and at night lots of rest and a good eye cream. Lenny still laughs at me as I tell him I need 9-12 hours sleep! They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason ;)


Some tips I have learned for tired eyes….


Eyes –

Puffy? Use your bubs teething ring from the freezer and place under the eyes for 10min each eye


Caffeinated tea - Soak two tea bags in warm water, and then chill the bags for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh


Red eyes? Cold Cucumbers for 30 min


Dark circles? For many people, tiredness causes dark circles under the eyes. If you can’t catch up on your rest, place slices of ripe avocado under each eye.



Never again will I....

Not ask for help if I need it.


What's in store for 2015?

Lots of exciting stuff. We are in the mist of renovating our home so I am involved in the interior design process which I LOVE! I feel so blessed as it’s a passion of mine; I have the magazine stack to prove it! Yep its fair to say I look like a hoarder but nothing compares to using your own personal style to create the look and feel of your family home….what a thrill!!!


I am appearing at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show next month on Friday the 10th of April so if you’re attending make sure you come up and say hi. I’m giving away 20 double passes to the show from the 26th of April so make sure you check out my Blog competition page for full giveaway details.


I am writing and also attending the Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo in October.


I have some exciting collaborations on the cards as well as some dream goals I hope to achieve by 2016 …watch this space!



How can we find you?





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