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Meet our Supa Muma this week Alisa. She is the one behind 123 Nourish Me blog - helping you create the healthiest family possible. Alisa has an incredible story and continues to live with a genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome. She gave everything it took to have children and has been blessed with twins. 


You're a Super Mama to?

I have gorgeous 4 year old twin boys Thomas and Taj.




Wow! Twins!! How do you handle that?  

I love it! I feel lucky every day to be a mother and although there have been times with two babies, two toddlers and now two cheeky little boys has been hugely challenging I am mindful of what a privilege parenting is. I am very organised and I have two of everything to avoid conflict :-)


What have your children taught you in the last few months?

At the moment I have two world class, master negotiators who challenge and bargain for everything. It's intense!! I am learning when to hold ground and when to give in. It's a constant readjustment. I want to raise kids with strong boundaries and also let them be kids so knowing when to draw the line is a constant learning curve for me.



Who inspires you?  

My mum. Generous, kind beyond belief and incredibly intuitive and wise. I'm so lucky to have a mum where no subjects are off limits and everything is an opportunity for deeper communication.



You live with a genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome and had open heart surgery 6 years ago. Did you think having children was never going to be a possibility?

There were many years I didn't think I'd get to experience motherhood as it was a hard slog to get here. Many rounds of IVF and many physical things to overcome. For a long time motherhood was unattainable for me and I'm so grateful for the children that I have. Bringing them into the world was a phenomenal team effort! Being a mum living with this condition is a challenge too because my stamina is tested daily.


You have been an inspiration to other mothers and openly speak about going through surrogacy. Can you give us more of an insight on how you handled this experience?

Surrogacy was a hard but wonderful experience for us. I am grateful for science and for our beautiful friend Brandi who carried our boys safely into the world. Almost 5 years on we all look back and think of our surrogacy journey as one of the most incredible experiences of all of our lives and we have so much deep love and respect for each other. Our boys were created with love and surrounded with love when they are born and still have an ongoing loving relationship with the amazing women who gave them life. We are proud of their extraordinary beginnings and we talk to them about it regularly and will always be honest and open with them about their beautiful start to life.



What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mamas out there?

Stop all comparisons. It's the source of all unhappiness. We are all on different journeys and comparing to the journey of another is a waste of energy.  I think mums are much too hard on themselves and I've never met a mum who is not doing the absolute best she can with what she knows. When we know better we do better!


What is your best beauty tip?

Throw out your perfume. It's a toxic minefield - especially for babies. Put things on your body that are safe because your skin absorbs everything. I use organic coconut oil for just about everything.



Never again will I…

weigh myself or hide my age. I have no interest in what I weigh and the conversation about weight is no longer interesting to me. I am far more interested in what nourishes my body and makes me feel happy and alive. For me ageing is a privilege and I feel lucky for every year I get to be alive. I'm 40 now - bring it on!


What's in store for 2015?

I am passionate about nutrition for kids having studied nutritional medicine for the last 8 years. At the moment I am about to launch a 14 day lunchbox challenge to support parents to provide real, sustaining, nutrient dense food for their kids. Food that supports their brains and grows their bodies into the healthy, vibrant little people they are meant to become! We are focusing on real food that is additive free, preservative free & refined sugar free. Lots of beautiful healthy fun easy recipes and ideas!



How can we find you?


Facebook @123nourishme

Instagram #123nourishme


To watch a touching story on Alisa and her family please clink on the link Australian Story.


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