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Chantelle Delaney started singing before she could walk properly, and at the age of six, she picked up her first instrument – a guitar. Music quickly became her life.


As a child performing on Australian stages, Chantelle was inspired and as a teenager, she began singing at the Prestigious Trinity College of London. Now a young lady armed with a soaring voice and acoustic guitar, Chantelle possesses both a witty personality and engaging presence.


Chantelle, originally from Queensland has performed all around the world and frequents here time between LA and Melbourne, Australia. 

She is currently a busy bee not only juggling life with her beautiful new son but is also writing and recording her debut album collaborating with Grammy Award winning songwriters. 

We can't wait to hear your new album, for sure we are all going to love it!

You're a Super Mama to?

Mason Nate Sinclair


He is gorgeous! Look at those eyes. Why did you choose the name, Mason?

My husband and I both loved the name Mason as my Granny's name is May (My papa called Gran May, but her real name was Mary). We wanted our first child named after someone important to us and for Mason's name to hold special meaning. My precious Gran unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. Mason got to spend quite a lot of time with Granny, which was very special. Granny said Mason was the highlight of her life. I'm so happy we called Mason after Granny. Mason's middle name is Nate and that is after a friend in LA. Our close friend Leeza Gibbons (American TV Host, Winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2015) has a son called Nathan "Nate" who my husband and I both adore.

What has Mason taught you in the last few months?

That I can survive off very little sleep :)


Who inspires you?

My Mum, My Granny, Leeza Gibbons and Olivia Newton - John.


Do you think Mason will take after you and become a Singer or after Father, Jess Sinclair and be a footballer?

I think he will follow in his Daddy's footsteps. I think he will be a football player. He is so active already. He seems to really like music as well. Who knows, he may do both? Whatever he does in life, as cliche as it sounds, we just want him to be happy. We will support him whatever path he wants to take.



What are the key pieces of advice you have for other super mamas out there?

Give your baby the best of you, but also give yourself the same care. Be gentle to yourself.  Prioritise time just for you and it will pay dividends for the whole family.
There will be times when “good enough” parenting is all you can do to survive, and then there will be times when you thrive. Know that every stage will pass, and often all too quickly. The days can be long, but the years pass fast.  Try to maintain a sense of humour in the midst of the chaos. Above all, trust your instincts. 


Your skin glows! What is your best beauty tip?

I'd like to say sleep but that would be a big porkie! Going through pregnancy isn't the most glamorous thing or the best for your skin or for your confidence. My skin has pigmentation and some days I just look at myself and think "Yep, you're a hot mess". Thankfully, I have amazing skincare that works miracles on my skin. I use Aspect skincare http://www.aspectskincare.com.au which I now couldn't live without. I also go regularly to the Victorian Dermal Group http://www.victoriandermalgroup.com.au . Not only do I see results and feel brand new each time I go to see Derya, it's nice to have some me time. I highly recommend both Aspect Skincare and the Victorian Dermal Group.




Never again will I....

Waste time and energy on people who don't deserve it. I have a precious little boy who makes me keep my priorities in check!


What's in store for 2015?

Recording, Songwriting, Gigs, heading back to LA, loving my work life but most importantly loving and having quality time with my family!



How can we find you? 


Instagram: @chantelledelaney
Twitter: @chon_delaney

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