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What is the right type of care for me?

Child care is not just about providing care when you have work, study or other commitments. It can provide early learning services, get your child school ready, and is an opportunity for your child to develop social, emotional and learning skills.

Making a decision on whether you need child care, and the right type of child care for you can be daunting! To help you out, we’ve stipulated the things you need to consider:


  • How many hours of care do I need? The whole day? Just mornings? Just afternoons? Just a few hours a week? Or just occasionally, like when I have an appointment and need someone to look after my children?
  • What is the total weekly cost of those hours, and how does that compare to my total weekly wage?
  • Do I want my child cared for in a home environment or in a centre?
  • What kind of qualifications and experience do staff members have?
  • Does the service offer a preschool programme?
  • What learning and play opportunities do I want my child to have?
  • Do I want my child to have a few peers, or many peers?
  • What is the carer-to-child ratio?
  • What kind of routine will my child have?
  • What is their ‘ready for school’ programme?
  • Do I want the service to provide lunch? Can I have a look at a sample meal plan?
  • Does the centre provide nappies and other amenities for children under the age of 2?
  • Can I claim the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate if I choose a certain child care and learning service?
  • Does the child care benefit and/or child care rebate provide the additional financial support required for me to go back to work or study?

We suggest you weigh up the pros and cons on whether or not you require child care, and the type of child care required before making your decision.


The government has a more detailed fact sheet which can also help you make this big decision. It can be found here:



For more details from the government site, please click here:




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