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Meet Lou - owner of the loveliest smile that lights up any room and St.Josephine, her wholesale agency that looks after Tigerlilly Australia. Surrounded by beautiful clothes (and I mean beautiful!), she juggles her business with her new love, baby Maya.

Lou shares her story with us... enjoy! X


Super mama to...

Maya, 6.5mths 


Your favourite part of the day is...

My favourite part of the day is 7am when my husband goes into get Maya up and I hear them giggling at each other from our bedroom. He then brings her into our room for a snuggle before the day begins. When she first lays eyes on you as they come into the room warms my heart each time. 


Your business is?

I have a wholesale agency, St Josephine. I look after Tigerlily for Victoria. Working for yourself is the ultimate. I could never go back, I am so much more motivated. Obviously so much easier too when you have a new baby. I am able to do emails when she snoozes and can do the odd showing when Mum can have her. I was so nervous before having her worrying how I would juggle it all but, its working really well at the moment. I couldn’t imagine having a 9 - 5 job and trying to raise a bebe, it would be very tough. I also didn’t know how I would feel about working/my business after having Maya but Im really enjoying the juggle! Its refreshing and good for the soul, its nice to have a few hours a week to yourself and be able to think about something other than when she last went down, has she had enough milk…..?


How do you keep a work-family balance?

We are lucky because my husband has his own business too so he can go to work a bit later or finish earlier if he needs too. Early on it is so important that your partner has a bit of flexibility, you can get so bogged down in the everyday that it's nice to have a hand to go to appointments together or go to the supermarket with an extra set of hands. Or even have an hour sleep in after you have been up every 2 hours feeding!




Your 'go-to' shops or websites for your little one?

I buy a lot of ‘naturebaby.com.au' for Maya. Beautiful organic cotton onesies. She has the entire range of baby ‘bassike.com.au’. I love Big Dreams on Smith St Collingwood. They have the best range of clothing for little ones. Websites I look at are Country Road, Seed, Purebaby, Bonds + Ebay. Blogs I love are ‘thegracetales.com.au’ + ‘the glow.com’ + ‘wearetheyounghearts.tumblr.com’ 

Number 1 baby product you can't live without?

When Maya ‘woke up’ around 3 weeks we learnt fast that we needed a rocker as the only way she would go to sleep was if she was rocked. So we made the first trip to Chaddy with our new bebe in tow all dreary eyed stumbled into Toys r Us and accosted everyone we walked past begging for their advice on whatever they did to get their baby to sleep!! A really nice American couple raved about this electric rocker called ‘4MOMS’ - wow did this change our lives. It has 6 different settings that simulates either a car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye + ocean wave. It is genius! We still use it now as more of a seat to feed her.


Favourite meal for you and your family?

Maya has just started solids so she is enjoying all her purees. James and I are loving whatever take away we can get our hands on, 6months down the track and I still can’t get my head around cooking again!


Two rules you live by?

Treat others how you would like to be treated + be kind, not nice.


Who inspires you?

My husband inspires me daily to be a better person, to be patient and to give everything your all or it's not worth doing. 


Best advice you've been given over the years?

Best advice I have been given recently is when my Mum told me to put the baby down for naps in her own room, in her cot with the blinds closed. I had her out in the family room in full light expecting her to sleep… I had visions of her ‘fitting into our life’ snoozing wherever we were as a lot of people think when they have a baby but its just not possible. They need to sleep!!

How do you keep fit?

I don’t! I walk up the street to meet friends but thats about the extent of my exercising.. life is too short to work out!


Tips for traveling with you and your family? 

We haven’t travelled together as a family yet so I don’t have any advice. I would imagine preparation is key though and an iPad.


Current trend you love?

I don’t think I really follow trends like I used too. I feel like Im always in baggy, harem style pants and loose style dresses. Everything that men hate! I do like that Birkenstocks are back!


"Home is where the heart is" - what does this mean to you?  

As cliche as it is, wherever James and Maya are. There's something so calming about being home just us.

What's in store for you for 2014?

2014 is going to be fun, we are planning on spending Christmas in Byron Bay, Maya will be walking by then so lots of beach time. She turns 1 in Sept + I turn 30 a week before so lots of celebrating. Generally just enjoying her and watching her little personality grow some more every day.







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